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PlaneView Upgrade Takes G650 Operators into the Future

PlaneView Upgrade Takes G650 Operators into the Future

A new flight deck upgrade from Gulfstream and Honeywell lets G650 and G650ER operators equip their aircraft with the latest and most advanced avionics features. The Block 3 upgrade to the PlaneView cockpit is a comprehensive solution for enhancing aircraft performance, improving safety, and increasing resale value.

Block 3 starts with improved Vivid Displays and follows through with powerful tools that enhance flight safety, advance situational awareness on the ground and in the air and create a better flying experience for both pilots and passengers.


Block 3 upgrade features amazing displays

The Vivid Displays feature provides four times higher resolution and a richer color palette for the existing DU-1310 displays. This makes enhanced synthetic vision system (SVS), 2D and 3D moving map, and other images more viewable, realistic, and intuitive for flight crews. The SVS can use a two-thirds display option so the primary flight display can show other information even when the SVS is engaged.


Pilots have enhanced situational awareness

The new situational awareness package uses baseline and optional features in flight and on the ground to provide safer operation in high-traffic areas. It includes a 3D airport moving map that is presented on the primary flight display to improve orientation and position awareness. It also works with ADS-B In by allowing the flight crew to see traffic earlier on approach in high-volume air traffic control environments.


ADS-B In visual separation on approach

The ADS-B In cockpit display of airborne and surface traffic gives the flight crew the position of nearby aircraft, qualifying ground vehicles, and obstacles on the 2D airport moving map display to enable safer taxiing. In the air, the cockpit display of traffic information provides graphical depictions of other aircraft to help pilots integrate radio communications with visually acquired aircraft and ADS-B surveillance information. This is an optional feature for in-service aircraft.


Predictive Landing Performance System

The Predictive Landing Performance System (PLPS) integrates Honeywell’s Runway Overrun Awareness and Alerting System (ROAAS), which provides enhanced awareness to the crew on the final approach and during landing and roll out. It reduces the risk of runway excursions during landing, aids in the land or go-around decision, and provides a real-time display of estimated stopping points.

Autopilot coupled TCAS

The autopilot coupled traffic alert collision avoidance system (TCAS) upgrade automates collision avoidance maneuvers by integrating the TCAS with the flight directors and autopilot. The system performs evasive maneuvers in response to TCAS resolution advisories. It does not alter the existing TCAS function or affect the active lateral guidance.


Predictive Weather and XM Weather

G650/G650ER aircraft are equipped with the Honeywell IntuVue RDR-4000 3D automatic weather radar system. The predictive weather hazards Block 3 upgrade extends the turbulence detection range from 40 to 60 nautical miles and displays predictive hail and lightning information. In addition, eight new XM Weather products are available with these new weather features.

For more information visit Gulfstream Aerospace or contact your Gulfstream representative. 
Kathryn Kearney
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Katie Kearney is the global content marketing specialist for Honeywell Aerospace.