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Onsite with a Field Service Engineer: Marcio Coimbra

Onsite with a Field Service Engineer: Marcio Coimbra

Honeywell Aerospace Technical Support (ATS) team presents a vast network of experienced Field Service Engineers (FSEs) located all around the world. They are the go-to people for any technical queries, and Marcio Coimbra is part of the team supporting our customers around the clock.

Originally from Brazil, Marcio first traveled to Australia to perform an Embraer E-Jet Entry-Into-Service (EIS) program, then moved there to work with a local airline as Aircraft Health Monitoring Engineer. Marcio joined Honeywell in 2017 with over 12 years of Aerospace experience. He is focused on Avionics in Business and General Aviation (B&GA) and has an ongoing passion for learning new technologies

In addition to the virtual connection with customers over the ATS hotline, Marcio also visits local operators via regular Tech Connect meetings to help them solve technical issues and ensure we deliver best-in-class customer experience.

Tell me about a memorable time you helped a customer.

I received an urgent call from Embraer saying they had an operator under great pressure who was trying hard but was not able to identify the root cause of a failure mode. The operator was based on the West Coast of the U.S., and the aircraft was scheduled for a next-day flight. To obtain first-hand information, I contacted engineer in the field via video call to offer my support. After several tests performed in the cockpit central maintenance computer, we proceeded with the wiring check and confirmed the root cause in just a few hours.  This prevented an AOG situation and once the airplane was ready for release, I could tell the relationship with the new customer was strong.

How do you connect with your FSE colleagues and share best practices?

We work as a team, and we learn from each other. We collaborate daily, even if to brainstorm possible solutions to a specific failure mode or to share troubleshooting success. The ATS team also connects with our product experts who provide up-to-date product knowledge regularly, and we utilize what we learn continuously to support our customers in the best way possible.

What is your best piece of advice for a customer who needs technical support?

First of all, do not hesitate to pick up the phone, and call us when it is an urgent request and our team will be poised to assist. For general requests, customers can contact us via ATS Form, and we also encourage usage of the online Technical Support platform on the MyAerospace portal. In short, we have multiple channels open at all times, and we are here for our customers whenever needed.

What makes supporting Asia-Pacific different from other regions?

I feel the difference is in culture. In the Asia-Pacific region, customers place a higher value on relationship building and dive deeper into the root-cause analysis. I am happy to meet my customers in person and take the opportunity to strengthen the connection and share the latest technical updates with customers. In that way, I believe we grow together.

Elsa Gu
Senior Customer Marketing Specialist


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