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Onsite with a Field Service Engineer: Dudy Gunawan

Onsite with a Field Service Engineer: Dudy Gunawan

The Honeywell Aerospace Technical Support (ATS) team is a vast network of experienced Field Service Engineers (FSEs) located all around the world. Dudy Gunawan is one of these go-to people for any technical inquiries. He is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and works closely with the local operators to solve technical issues and ensure our clients receive best-in-class customer experience.

Could you tell me about your background and what led you into aviation?

Mr. B. J. Habibie has been my hero since I was a little boy. Originally from Indonesia, Habibie studied aviation and aerospace and started his career in Europe. In 1974, he returned to Indonesia and began to work for the government. Habibie never stopped developing Indonesia's aviation industry and was elected the third president of Indonesia. His devotion to the industry inspired me and I felt very honored when I was selected for STAID (Science and Technology for Industrial Development), a scholarship program created by Habibie for high school graduates for their study overseas in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineers, and Mathematics) fields. With the scholarship, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Louisiana State University.

How do you onboard your customers to Honeywell?

It starts with open communication. By providing proactive technical support, including sharing the latest technological updates and the high-level product reliability data to help customers solve problems, I build credibility and establish a personal relationship with my customers. Overall, this helps drive customer satisfaction across the board.

Why do you love doing what you do?

I appreciate the friendship developed over the years with my colleagues and customers. I enjoy being “a face of Honeywell” and making things easier for people. I feel happy when our team efforts receive recognition from customers.

What do you think is the most interesting or innovative development in aviation during your career?

The Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), which is designed to reduce the risk of possible mid-air collisions in the increasingly congested skies. Our (Honeywell’s) TCAS is combined with Hybrid Surveillance capacity for addressing enhanced situational awareness.

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