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Meet Our Engineers

Meet Our Engineers

At Honeywell, engineers are the cornerstone of our business and we are proud to celebrate their many achievements and contributions. The work our engineers deliver each day is vital to making life better for our customers and the many industries we’re privileged to serve.

As our industry continues to transform itself in a time of widespread technological innovation and changing customer expectations, it is our responsibility to ensure the next generation of employees has the imagination and skills necessary to thrive in a world of new challenges and opportunities.

We would like to recognize a few of our engineers who make it possible for Honeywell Aerospace to continue its trajectory of innovation and outstanding service.

Name: Bryan Agard

Location: Clearwater, FL 

Job Title: Senior Advanced Software Engineer

Quick overview of your role?  
To achieve the completion of goals surrounding better integration, validation, and integrity of data for predictive capabilities and generate innovative solutions in work situations; trying different and novel ways to deal with problems and opportunities.

What made you choose engineering as a career field?

When I was 10 years old, my father taught me how to build customized computers from scratch. This had sparked my interest in electronics and engineering. I would often tear apart my electronics or computers to figure out how it they works. In most cases, I ended up breaking them and naturally my parents were not happy with it. Therefore, I was inspired to expand my goal in not just understanding how it works, but how to fix it as well. Now, they ask me to fix everything that breaks.  By the time I was 16, I had built enough confidence in my abilities to build and repair computers professionally for a period of 7 seven years. I initially wanted to be a computer scientist. However, I wanted to be capable of designing the hardware as well as programming the firmware and/or software. Thus, I decided to become an Electrical Engineer.

What advice do you have to anyone considering pursuing a career in engineering?

Embrace the possibility of failure as perseverance will ultimately lead to success. With every problem encountered, there is an opportunity for growth and an exponential increase in your capabilities. Continually seek knowledge and wisdom throughout your entire career as being an Engineer is to be forever a student that is continually learning how to create innovative solutions to a multitude of ideas or problems. “The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history.” - James Kip Finch


Name: Rosie Esmeralda Diaz Sanchez

Location: Phoenix Engines

Job Title: Systems Engineer

What are the primary responsibilities of your role?

I have a few responsibilities. My primary role is to regularly meet with suppliers, conduct meetings, complete and review engineering reports. In addition, I am currently leading an implementation tool project for HTS7500 to handle staffing/workload. Finally, I am responsible for creating and designing engine component requirements approved by the program and customer. 

What made you choose engineering as a career field?

One of the primary reasons I chose engineering as a career field is that I like to question, explore, and create. I am passionate about this field because I can help society improve and innovate through it. One of my professional goals in life is to develop systems that will help my community in their daily lives. It thrills me the idea that I can help society a lot with this career, making new inventions that can help entertain society and be a new evolution to the world, just like aircraft, cars, hospital equipment, etc. My hometown is in Mexico, and as a first-generation student from a low-income family, this upbringing has inspired me to think of all the diverse ways I can help my community.

What advice do you have to anyone considering pursuing a career in engineering?

I would highly recommend pursuing an engineering career as it carries several advantages such as transferable skills, good job opportunities, and a rewarding career. In addition, I would highly recommend students to pursue STEM fields. The world needs more engineers to make our lives easier, safer, and better. As engineers, we can solve poverty, sustainability, and agriculture issues. It will be challenging, but there will also be fun times, and the experience you will receive will be rewarding. Also, no school, university, or job can teach you how to be an excellent engineer better than your own experience and passion for building things.


Name: Christina Rutherford

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Job Title: Hardware Engineer II

Quick overview of your role?

Materials engineer specializing in metallic protective finishing and cable and harness manufacturing. Support multiple programs across Deer Valley and Clearwater for the entire design phase and production. Assist new and current suppliers in developing processes to build compliant hardware.

Location: Clearwater, Florida

What made you choose engineering as a career field?
Engineering chose me! I met a materials engineer in the industry during college who thought I would like it once I graduated, and I haven’t looked back since.  

What advice do you have to anyone considering pursuing a career in engineering?
Network. Get exposure outside of school. The world of engineering is so much bigger than what it seems like on paper, and getting out to experience how multi-faceted engineering really is early on is invaluable. 

Kailey Loud
Customer Marketing Specialist
Kailey Loud is the customer success Lead for Honeywell Aerospace.


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