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M-Code Ready to Help Military Stay Out of Jams

M-Code Ready to Help Military Stay Out of Jams

Everyone from joggers and family-vacationers to long-haul truckers and commercial fishermen uses GPS these days. But no one relies on the precise position, navigation and timing (PNT) data GPS provides more than the military forces of the U.S. and friendly nations.

The Department of Defense goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure the security of the GPS signals warfighters count on to accomplish their vital missions. The task includes protecting the accuracy, integrity and availability of GPS signals from enemy jamming.

Driven by a congressional mandate, DOD is on a multi-year quest to integrate ultra-secure Military Code (M-Code) technology into its GPS satellite constellations and the receivers that equip military platforms in all domains. Military satellites can already broadcast highly encrypted M-Code signals anywhere on Earth.

The next critical step is to give military aircraft, ships and land forces the capability to receive those encrypted M-Code signals. Honeywell is first-to-market with the only Embedded Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (EGI) solution – EGI with M-Code – which will be available in early 2023.

This makes Honeywell’s EGI with M-code ideal for operators who need to replace entire EGI systems or just the system’s Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) GPS receiver, which is no longer available with a new M-code GPS receiver. Honeywell’s EGI with M-code provides a solution with minimal changes to the aircraft, making the upgrade to full M-Code capabilities quick and easy. 

“The Honeywell EGI-M upgrade is flexible and adaptable to any current Honeywell EGI system,” said Nik Hartney, Director of Marketing and Product Management for Honeywell’s Military Navigation team. “Since Honeywell is the only company able to deliver M-Code-capable EGI systems in 2023, we suggest that customers make plans to upgrade to this superior M-code technology as soon as possible. Honeywell is ready to propose and deliver these solutions today.”

Honeywell is a leader in EGI technologies for military applications with more systems deployed worldwide than any other supplier. An EGI pioneer, Honeywell has provided more than 35,000 EGI units for leading fighter, transport, vertical takeoff and landing, and rotary-wing aircraft – more than 70 aircraft types for more than 30 nations. 

To learn more about the Honeywell EGI with M-Code solution, visit our Embedded GPS/INS page.
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