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Honeywell Maintenance Service Plans - Peace of Mind in Turbulent Times

Honeywell Maintenance Service Plans - Peace of Mind in Turbulent Times

These remain challenging times for airlines around the world. Throughout the pandemic, Honeywell has strived to work in partnership with our airline customers to help them navigate the storm. From solutions such as our crew and passenger hygiene packs and our revolutionary UV Lighting Cleaning Systems, which contributed to a noticeable rise in traveler confidence, to innovations that help airlines pivot from passenger services to cargo operations, we’ve stood ready to support our customers through these turbulent times.

Look to the horizon – but don’t forget your bottom line

As global travel restrictions ease and our airline customers prepare their aircraft for re-entry into service, we remain as committed as ever to helping them. And while airline executives once again look to sunnier horizons, Honeywell can help them look after their bottom line.

Budgeting for fleet-wide aircraft maintenance is a complex task in the best of times. A study by the UK government found that maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) expenses were “a significant proportion of the total aircraft cost of ownership” – up to 80% of the lifecycle cost. Aircraft operators must obviously bear these costs if they want to continue to operate and ensure safe flights. However, it’s not just the size of MRO expenses that can be challenging. With the ongoing economic uncertainty and continued business impact of the pandemic, predicting and budgeting for aircraft maintenance has never been more challenging – or as vital. 

Fortunately, Honeywell’s Maintenance Service Plans (MSPs) can relieve some of the pressure. Like extended warranty programs for your house or car, an MSP for your aircraft protects your engineering and maintenance departments and your bottom line from the unexpected. This way, you can proactively manage maintenance costs and spread the projected cost of repairs over the course of the agreement. 

Evolving solutions to meet the needs of today’s airlines

Over the last 40 years, Honeywell’s Maintenance Service Plans have become one of the industry’s most trusted and flexible fleet service programs. We continue to evolve our MSP program1, responding to customer feedback and market realities. Incorporating legacy service plans including Maintenance Service Agreements (MSA), Maintenance Cost Agreements (MCA), Maintenance Cost Guarantees (MCG), Flat Rate (FR) and Not to Exceed (NTE) agreements, Performance Based Contracts (PBC), Integrated Service Solutions (ISS), as well as traditional wheel and brakes plans including Cost per Aircraft Landing (CPAL), and Material Cost per Aircraft Landing (MCPAL) agreements, all our service offerings will now sit under the Maintenance Service Plan umbrella.

Airlines can choose specific plans to cover avionics, mechanical components, wheels & brakes, and auxiliary power units. As our maintenance platform is flexible, airlines can choose to select just one area of coverage, a combination of coverages or full coverage for all their maintenance requirements. Regardless of the plan selected, MSP will deliver peace of mind in these turbulent times, offering operators financial predictability by eliminating unexpected repair costs while minimizing operational disruption from unplanned maintenance events.

Every airline will have different priorities. Our MSP team are standing by to work with airlines, to listen to their plans and pain points and to understand the unique solutions and services they require and then help them identify and implement the right Maintenance Service Plan for their operation. Contact us today to start exploring the benefits and peace of mind that Honeywell’s MSP can deliver.

1. The existing service contracts remain valid till expiration.

Elsa Gu
Senior Customer Marketing Specialist


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