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Honeywell Joins Air Force to Deliver Advanced Command & Control

Honeywell Joins Air Force to Deliver Advanced Command & Control

The U.S. Air Force has selected Honeywell among 28 vendors to develop and deliver a new generation of command and control capability that will enable the armed forces to employ unmatched connected solutions on the battlefield of the future.

At Honeywell, we’re delighted to continue our long history of providing leading-edge technology solutions and services that enable the U.S. military to dominate on the battlefield and deliver cutting edge capability to warfighters in the field.

The Advanced Battlefield Management System (ABMS) is a great opportunity for Honeywell to provide integrated connected-enterprise  know-how, which has  demonstrated game changing operational value in both the military and commercial domains. We’ve been selected to bring an open-system approach to mature, demonstrate and deploy an expansive range of capabilities across multiple domains and platforms.

With Honeywell Forge, our secure and robust data-analytics platform, we’re ready to leverage our unique expertise in advanced software, algorithm development, artificial intelligence, machine learning and open-systems design to address the military’s most pressing command and control challenges.

ABMS is a multi-domain command and control system that unifies operations for all U.S. military services on land, sea, air, space and cyberspace. It’s one of the most ambitious programs on the military’s agenda because it recognizes the very nature of war is changing and the U.S. needs to embrace new ways of doing things to be successful in future conflicts.

Honeywell is working to enable the Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) capability for air, land, sea, space, cyberspace, and the electromagnetic domains for all Department of Defense services and agencies including the Space Force and Space Development Agency.

We’re excited to leverage our existing knowledge of requirements across all services to provide thought leadership and enhance cooperation between different services, agencies and programs to deliver interoperability within the JADC2 environment. This is one area Honeywell provides additional value in helping to reduce redundancy across developmental programs and achieve economies of scale on behalf of the taxpayer.  

Our contributions to the effort are covered under an indefinite-delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract, with an initial five-year period of performance and five additional option years, placing Honeywell as a partner under this award until at least mid-2025 and as far out as 2030. The IDIQ has a total value up to $950 million.

JADC2 and many other initiatives and programs give Honeywell a chance to work on some exciting advancements that will deliver huge benefits to the military services by dramatically improving the command and control of operations over multiple domains and multiple integrated platforms, including aircraft, ships and land vehicles. Our ability to leverage cutting-edge commercial technology adapted to unique defense applications means faster delivery, potentially lower total cost of ownership and interoperability with other commercial off the shelf (COTS) products.

Honeywell Forge is ideally suited for the multi-domain, multi-platform environment, because it uses an open-system configuration and is software and hardware agnostic. That means it can be easily deployed across the entire battlespace, regardless of the number and type of platforms engaged.  

Our talented engineering corps will be working to develop connectivity and effects-integration capabilities for the JADC2 program. We’ll use Honeywell Forge to connect various communications systems via edge devices that collect data to enable machine learning, advanced analytics and predictive modeling to provide real-time situational awareness for command and control.

These solutions span a range of core competencies across the Honeywell portfolio that include satellite communications hardware, customized software and advanced data enabled services. Advanced solutions may include development of a secure 5G network for air-to-air, air-to-ground and ground-to-ground communications.

This contract expands Honeywell’s successful history of developing connected solutions for military applications. For example, we worked with Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman to demonstrate a datalink radio and antenna system that enabled Navy and Air Force F-35 Joint Strike Fighters to exchange data with F-22 Raptors with a low possibility of detection. We’re currently working with leading companies like Boeing, BAE Systems and Raytheon on other connectivity solutions for the defense market.

Wes Cook
Director of Business Development, Connected Secure Solutions


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