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Honeywell Forge - Field Engineer Support Spotlight - Michael Cheng

Honeywell Forge - Field Engineer Support Spotlight - Michael Cheng

How long have you been at Honeywell? I have been on the Honeywell Forge Team for three years.

Territory: I am located in Hong Kong and I am responsible for customers across Asia including those in China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.


What makes the Honeywell Forge support team unique?
Our customers rely on our expertise to get the most out of their Honeywell Forge services. Only a few companies in the world provide this level of service. Customers like to have an inside connection for their businesses, because they feel confident knowing we won’t ever make them wait for help – especially if they have a service outage. Honeywell Forge customers have come to rely on connectivity on the ground or in the air. Years ago, this wasn’t expected and now it’s a necessity. To an aircraft owner, losing business because they can’t connect is unacceptable. They think we are like rock stars or superheroes when we are able to fix their problems with ease.

Memorable customer story:
One of our customers was participating in an air show in Asia but they were dealing with SATCOM problems. I received an urgent request for help on Sunday evening. The customer said the outage needed to be fixed by the next day because the show was starting on Tuesday and it was essential that the aircraft owner be ready to demonstrate the plane to customers when the air show opened. The next day I took the earliest flight from Hong Kong to Shanghai. When I arrived, I discovered the customer had multiple issues that needed to be addressed. Thankfully, I was able to fix most of the problems on the same day. On the second day, I found some time to finish up the rest of the issues before the air show began. The customer greatly appreciated our efforts, specifically our ability to show up quickly and get the job done before it impacted their business negatively.

Why do you love your job?
The best part of my job is helping customers fix different problems every day. For the Honeywell Forge Team, each day is something new and stimulating. There is no repetition and it’s never boring. Our customers appreciate us and the work we do. They are faithful to us because they trust us. Every day I am excited to go to work and it makes me very proud to get emails from customers thanking me for my help.

What would you like customers to know about the Honeywell Forge Team?
I always tell the customers, “we never sleep!” Someone on the Honeywell Forge Team is always available to help with any problem or concern a customer has – no matter how big or how small. Our team is diversified in their experience and is spread around the world. We work around the clock for the customers. They can call our 24 X 7 hotlines anytime, from anywhere, and we will respond. Customers appreciate this level of dedication.

Background on the Honeywell Forge support team:
Honeywell has field engineers across the world that support our aircraft in any and all time zones. Our experts are available for customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Honeywell Forge team always puts the customer’s best interest first. Our products and services are designed to complement and enhance our customer’s lifestyle and business practices. Additionally, our field engineers are dedicated to providing customer feedback to the Honeywell research and developmental engineers and business leaders to generate the products and services customers want - and need - to grow, expand and enhance their businesses.

Michael Cheng
Senior Technical Support Engineer


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