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From Designing Cockpits to Flying in One: Honeywell Engineers Take a Close-Up Look at Their Innovations

From Designing Cockpits to Flying in One: Honeywell Engineers Take a Close-Up Look at Their Innovations

Today’s Honeywell Aerospace employees are the latest in a long line of thinkers, dreamers, and doers. For more than a century, our people have been developing cool technologies, software, and services that make flying safer, more comfortable, and more efficient. They’ve supported the men and women who protect our freedom. They’ve been helping humankind explore the final frontiers of space.

Honeywell employees make the things that shape the future for us all. Everyone who travels benefits from Honeywell technology. When you work for Honeywell, you get to see up close, the products you help develop and manufacture - whether it’s a flight test demonstration or tour of one of our advanced technology labs.

In Phoenix, for example, employees can see our 3-D lab print designs in minutes, take the controls of an advanced flight simulator, watch an aircraft engine being tested, or tour the facility where products for NASA are built. We even offer flying lessons with a licensed instructor.

We like to inspire employees to dig deeper into the aerospace business to better understand our customers’ needs, so they can do a high-quality job of developing and producing the next generation of aerospace innovations.

Watch the video below to get a behind-the-scenes take on what it’s like to work at Honeywell Aerospace. 

Sherine Zaya
Communications Manager
Sherine is the Communications Manager for Electronic Solutions Engineers at Honeywell Aerospace


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