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Honeywell Attends RAPID Additive Manufacturing Conference

Honeywell Attends RAPID Additive Manufacturing Conference

The RAPID + TCT conference is known worldwide as North America’s most influential and respected additive manufacturing conference. On May 20th-23rd, additive manufacturing experts will travel to Detroit, Michigan to learn about the latest processes, applications, materials, and research in the additive manufacturing industry.

Honeywell is well represented at this conference and looks forward to attending. On Tuesday May 21st, Dr.-Ing. Soeren Wiener will speak on the topic of true production in aerospace and the benefits of using additive manufacturing from an OEM’s perspective. In the afternoon, Dave Dietrich, PhD, will speak on how you can effectively boost innovation and performance through simulation driven design and manufacturing.

In addition, Honeywell’s Engineer fellow Donald Godfrey, will participate in a four-person round-table to discuss what additive manufacturing trends will impact the future. The roundtable will be chaired by Terry Wohlers, principle owner of Wohlers Associates, an internationally recognized consulting service focused on utilizing additive manufacturing technology.

Additive Manufacturing technology is of high demand within the aerospace industry and Honeywell has successfully used this technology to their advantage. For example, Honeywell is using additive manufacturing technology to significantly reduce supply chain disruptions. They are also utilizing this technology through a methodical approach, creating more approved parts for flight than any other company.

The aviation industry relies on fast delivery when it comes to decreasing an airlines downtime. With this technology, we can now increase the delivery time of engines, creating a faster and more enjoyable experience for our maintenance crews as well as for our valued customers. Less time spent on ground means more revenue for your airline.

To learn more about the RAPID + TCT conference, click here.

Donald Godfrey
Engineer Fellow
Donald Godfrey is an engineering fellow at Honeywell Aerospace.


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