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Honeywell 360 Display Ready to Drive Safety in Mining

Honeywell 360 Display Ready to Drive Safety in Mining

Honeywell 360 Display Ready to Drive Safety in Mining

Now the same breakthrough innovation that enhances situational awareness for pilots and operators of military vehicles can improve worksite safety for industrial and construction companies. The new Honeywell 360 Display uses augmented reality to give heavy-equipment operators a clear view of what’s going on around their vehicle. 

“The 360 Display   improves safety and efficiency in a wide range of industrial and construction operations that use large trucks and other heavy equipment,” said Julie Heck, Senior Director of Offering Management on Honeywell’s Military Avionics team. 

“Mining is a prime example. Surface-mining operations use enormous trucks and earth-moving machines, and miner safety is the number one priority,” she said. “The 360 Display supports the core principle of keeping miners safe and healthy.” 

The system includes a lightweight visor, computer, and cameras mounted outside the vehicle. A full-color 3D view of the outside world is projected onto the lenses of the visor, along with vehicle operational information. It enables operators to see through their vehicles as if they had x-ray vision – even in low-visibility conditions – eliminating blind spots and helping avoid collisions with vehicles and people.    


Safety Comes First

Mining trucks are among the world’s largest land vehicles, carrying more than 300 tons of materials in a single load. They can be 50 feet long, ride on tires up to 14 feet high, and drivers are often 20 feet above the ground. It takes hours of specialized training in all aspects of equipment operations and safety to become a certified operator. 

Reducing  the number of mining truck accidents is an ongoing priority for the industry, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and other government agencies. One of NIOSH’s key recommendations involves studying new technologies that could curb these accidents. 

What the 360 Display Brings to Mining

“The Honeywell 360 Display is a lightweight, low-latency wearable that attaches to a driver’s hardhat and provides an unprecedented level of situational awareness,” Heck said. 

The device uses augmented reality to give operators a clear, real-time view of conditions around their vehicle, even when the visibility is affected by fog, wind-blown dust, receding sunlight or other adverse conditions. Operational information is intuitively displayed so drivers don’t have to look down at the instrument panel, which improves focus and reduces reaction time.

“We’ve demonstrated the 360 Display in challenging, real-world conditions ranging from the military to heavy industries and the reviews are universally positive. Especially in the world of displays, where seeing truly is believing,” Heck added.

Ready to learn more or book a demonstration? Visit us online or contact your Honeywell representative. 
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