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Getting the Most Out of Viasat’s New Unlimited Speeds

Getting the Most Out of Viasat’s New Unlimited Speeds

Viasat shook up the in-flight connectivity community recently by removing internet speed limits on its Ka-band service for business aviation. The company also doubled its minimum committed speed to create an even better online experience for customers.

With faster speeds and higher committed minimums, Viasat subscribers will be able to use multiple bandwidth-intensive applications like videoconferencing, high-definition video streaming and live TV – all at the same time. Ka-band networks offer users an unparalleled connected experience that is faster and more reliable than other options.

Honeywell Forge lets Viasat Ka-band users take the in-flight connectivity experience to an even higher level. Flight crews and passengers can take full advantage of Viasat’s demonstrated speeds of 40 Mbps and higher, when it makes sense, and still stay within their data-plan limits, thanks to Honeywell Forge features.

As a value-added reseller of airtime service plans for Viasat and other providers, Honeywell can help operators choose the right plan as part of a total connected aircraft solution. Honeywell provides a complete nose-to-tail solution that includes hardware, software, cabin connectivity services and airtime services.

With Honeywell Forge, operators can get the help they need to choose a right-sized plan based on their past experience and anticipated needs. It makes sense for operators to choose a plan big enough to meet all their passengers’ demands without going over the plan limits, but not so big they’re leaving megabytes on the table at the end of the billing cycle.

Even with no speed limits operators need to manage their data consumption. Honeywell Forge includes data-management features that control data use and reduce cost. For example, data compression features reduce bandwidth demand on static video and other tools optimize data so video consumes a smaller portion of the total available data pipe. In addition, user management features of the Honeywell GoDirect Router let the crew control who has internet access without the hassle of using passwords.

The Honeywell Forge dashboard enables users to set data-consumption limits and provides regular status alerts, including an alert when a percentage of the preset limit is reached. This lets operators make necessary adjustments, employ data management tools or make the decision to accept an overage.

Learn more about Viasat airtime service plans available through Honeywell Forge. 

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