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Free Routing Software Update Sends Honeywell Forge Cabin Connectivity to New Heights

Free Routing Software Update Sends Honeywell Forge Cabin Connectivity to New Heights

The latest release of Honeywell’s Forge Routing Software (Version 7.0.3) introduces new features that take cabin connectivity to the next level for business aviation operators.

Available now for operators flying with Honeywell’s CNX-900 or Honeywell Forge Routers the software update enables new features for Honeywell Forge’s mobile applications and provides customers with a more granular view of their data usage. This innovative software upgrade improves the connected aircraft experience for passengers and operators alike.

Regular software updates are designed to add new features that improve the connected aircraft experience for Honeywell operators and provide customers with upgraded security enhancements.

Satellite communications is a modern marvel that has changed the game when it comes to in-flight connectivity. But it’s also expensive compared to other alternatives, like using air-to-ground communications networks.

With Version 7 of the Honeywell Forge Routing Software, for the first time, passengers and flight crews will be able to access air-to-ground systems using Honeywell’s onboard router. This provides another, more-cost effective option for sending and receiving routine voice and data communications. The speed and quality of ATG networks has improved in recent years, making them a viable communications alternative on most domestic routes.

You can add additional value added features like Honeywell Forge's on-wing advanced network intrusion detection system. This software stack continuously monitors data and edge devices to discover and defend against new and emerging threats prior to your data being sent down to the ground. It measures network health on-wing, on-ground and at the point of intrusion and alerts the director of maintenance and others if problems are detected.

The new software is free to Honeywell operators and the upgrade is easy. Our software team has enhanced your upgrade with a new feature that lets you upload software without a physical connection. Wireless updates and an improved user interface make it fast and painless to install new software and our Honeywell Forge support team is available to help ease your upgrade as well.

To take your in-flight connectivity experience to the next level by upgrading your router to Honeywell Forge Routing Software Version 7. Contact your Honeywell representative or visit us online for your free upgrade today!

Adam Sheppard
Manager Product Marketing


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