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Four Things You’ve Heard About In-Flight Video that are Just Wrong!

Four Things You’ve Heard About In-Flight Video That Are Just Wrong!

If you think providing your passengers with inflight Wi-Fi to stream the latest video conference or latest Hollywood blockbuster will exceed your operating budgets – think again. Honeywell has products, services and applications that dramatically reduce the cost of inflight video streaming and put control of data usage in the hands of aircraft owners and operators.

Here are four things you may have heard about inflight video streaming:

To stream video I have to subscribe to the most expensive data package. Streaming video consumes a lot of data. It’s true on the ground and it’s true at 40,000 feet. Inflight service providers charge by the amount of data you use, either on an hourly basis or based on the data package you purchase. Data plans don’t have to cost tens-of-thousands per month. You can reduce costs dramatically – by more than 60 percent – by choosing a less expensive data plan and reducing the bandwidth that streaming video is allowed to consume.

  1. So how do you reduce bandwidth? One way is to use GoDirect Data Control from Honeywell. It lets you determine how much of your total bandwidth gets used by streaming video. That means you can choose less expensive data plans as low as $8,500 a month and still deliver the quality experience passengers crave. We also offer GoDirect Access, which makes it easy to allocate data costs to particular passengers, departments or cost centers.
  2. My passengers will notice if I choose a less expensive data plan. Most passengers watch video on a cabin television, laptop or tablet. While viewing on these devices, passengers don’t see true high-definition pictures, regardless of the available data speed. To help you reduce costs, GoDirect Data Control reduces the bandwidth, but not to an extent that passengers are likely to notice.
  3. You can’t stream video on transoceanic flights. Today’s most popular inflight television service works fine when you’re flying over the continental United States. But forget about it when you’re in another country or on the transoceanic leg of your flight. But there are ways to get the coverage you want, even when you’re flying over the ocean. For example, there’s the JetWave satellite communications system, which exclusively powers the Inmarsat Jet ConneX service. It gives you the fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi flying today. That means you’ve got full access, anywhere you fly, to any content that’s available over the internet – from company video conferences, to action movies, to dancing cats.
  4. It’s just too complicated!

Actually, it’s not. Especially if you know where to turn for help. Honeywell has decades of experience in satellite communications solutions, which puts on the leading edge of the Connected Aircraft revolution that’s sweeping business aviation. With our GoDirect Connectivity Consultation service, we can help you choose the configuration and data plan that provide the best streaming video capabilities in the air.

Don’t let your misconceptions about data-package pricing stop you from considering an upgrade to JetWave and Jet ConneX, the best solution for fast and reliable Wi-Fi That Flies.


Tom Murray
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist


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