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FMZ 6.1 Upgrade is Taking the World’s Premier FMS to New Heights

FMZ 6.1 Upgrade is Taking the World’s Premier FMS to New Heights

Upgrades are an essential part of our field of activity as they keep the industry moving forward and bring new levels of safety and other optimizations for everyone involved.

For over 20 years, the Honeywell FMS (Flight Management System), including the FMZ-2000 has been the FMS of choice for pilots and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.


Let’s take a look at the quality-of-life improvements that the 6.1 update has brought to the table.

Originally launched in 2010, the newest iteration of FMZ-2000 has brought several enhancements that, essentially, make the life of pilots and engineers easier. Although air travel is the safest way of transportation, adding a new layer of prevention is always a priority.

This translates into creating a more modern cockpit, which means increasing performance and fuel efficiency while reducing pilot workload. As such, automating pilot-related tasks becomes key. We are talking about new key features such as:

  • Temperature compensation which automatically compensates for temperature effects on waypoint altitude during landing
  • Auto Hold-to-Altitude which pilots can use at airports where high terrain or airspace constraints exist
  • Vectors to Final Approach which can be used to draw an extended runway centerline on the multifunction display with a single button push
  • Improved Worldwide Navigation Data Base content

These 4 features that we’ve shown as an example, as well as many others, are the reason why FMZ-2000 6.1 Version was a major update for the industry. And all these updates ultimately translate to safer flight and better experiences for pilots, flight crew, engineers, travelers and so forth.

Our customers have also noticed major differences between the 6.1 upgrade and other earlier iterations.


Mark Jones Director, Aviation Maintenance, Cozzens and Cudahy Air, Inc describes the upgrade as a system where “everything is set up; crossing restrictions, altitudes, speeds – one person can monitor the airplane, the other person has his head outside which greatly increases safety.” “…It doesn’t matter what kind of Honeywell earlier series you operate, upgrade to 6.1: you will see the difference….”.


The 6.1 upgrade was a big step forward for our FMZ-2000, taking FMS technologies to new heights and offering unprecedented levels of efficiency to the cockpit. If you want to take a deeper dive into the key features, you can click here to read more.

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