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Five Ways GoDirect Trade Changes the Aircraft Parts Game

Five Ways GoDirect Trade Changes the Aircraft Parts Game

GoDirect Trade is all about bringing people together. Since its launch by Honeywell in November 2018, the ground-breaking e-trading platform has enabled thousands of connections between buyers and sellers of quality new, used and reconditioned aircraft parts and materials.

As the first online megamall for aircraft parts, GoDirect Trade has streamlined the process of buying and selling, improved transparency, reduced transaction costs and made the whole system more efficient. Here are five ways GoDirect Trade has changed the aircraft parts game.

It’s Easier to Find Parts

In the past, a typical transaction might take a half-dozen phone calls or emails and days or even weeks of lost time waiting for the seller to respond. GoDirect Trade changes everything with advanced features including a search engine that makes it easy to find the exact part you need and by part number or keyword. You never have to wonder if the component is in stock, because everything listed on the site is available for immediate delivery. You can even place a free want ad if you’re looking for a part that’s not currently listed on the site.

Prices are Clearly Marked

There’s never a question about the asking price for a part, because GoDirect Trade sellers are required to list prices. Every listing has an image, a price and a quality document, eliminating the need for time-consuming correspondence between buyers and sellers. Transactions are easy, too. Buyers can place items in their shopping cart with just a few clicks, using a computer or our special app, and make their purchase with a credit card, wire transfer or purchase order. The site includes an “Ask the Seller” feature for product inquiries and so buyers and sellers can discuss terms. Some sellers even offer free shipping on certain purchases.

What You See is What You Get

We’re all about transparency. Along with its price, every GoDirect Trade listing includes a photo of the product and full details on its condition, including whether it’s new, used, overhauled or repaired. Products listed on the site must have their FAA 8130-3 airworthiness tag and we’re the only site to use blockchain technology to trace the pedigree of every part listed.

It’s a Site for Sellers, Too

GoDirect is a great way for aerospace industry dealers or operators to get rid of excess inventory. Sellers find that it’s extremely easy to post items for sale on their own branded storefront. They use a custom dashboard to manage listings, orders and shipments. GoDirect Trade makes it easy to offer products to a broad audience of potential buyers, at a cost that’s much more economical than conventional ecommerce sites that don’t understand the cost structure of the aerospace industry.

We Put Blockchain to Work for You

Our commitment to transparency and a “no surprises” approach to business is powered by blockchain technology to protect both buyers and sellers. Blockchain ensures that every listing includes images and quality documents for the exact part being offered for sale, giving the buyer confidence about purchasing the part. GoDirect Trade leverages blockchain to establish the pedigree of each listed part, using encrypted data trails to create and share a digital ledger of previous transactions for each part, so that the buyer knows the full history of the purchased component.

Kathryn Kearney
Content Marketing Specialist
Katie Kearney is the global content marketing specialist for Honeywell Aerospace.