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Choose Wisely: Protect Your Business with the Right Service Plan

Choose Wisely: Protect Your Business with the Right Service Plan

We strongly believe that efficiency starts with safety, which is why today we want to talk about why maintenance plans are important and how to choose the one that fits your needs.


The cost of uncertainty

Maintenance consists of two elements: scheduled maintenance (periodic inspections, replacement of particular components and such) and unscheduled maintenance. The second kind of maintenance answers all faults that need to be rectified prior to any scheduled event and includes rectification of in-service findings.

Expenses can vary for all three kinds of maintenance, but they can sometimes reach as high as six-figure in bills. And when you also add the losses from having grounded aircraft, the actual costs of servicing – especially unscheduled maintenance – can be huge.

All these challenges make a strong argument for service maintenance plans. They provide numerous benefits such as avoiding downtime and accelerating repairs, and yet some operators prefer not to use them for various reasons such as saving money and relying not only on warranties but also on luck.

However, finding a plan that fits your specific needs can outweigh any and all of these reasons.


Identifying the right maintenance service plan

Cutting corners isn’t an option from a maintenance perspective, but this doesn’t mean costs can’t be controlled. With that being said, let’s take a look at three factors you must have in mind when finding your plan:

  • Flexibility, so that you only pay for what you actually need.
  • Capacity, so that any necessary work will be completed quickly to minimize downtime.
  • Quality, since your business also depends on the expertise, experience and track record of the maintenance service provider.

For example, our Maintenance Service Plan encompasses three services providing coverage for avionics, engines & Nacelle & APUs, and mechanical components. Operators can choose a comprehensive plan tailored to their specific needs. This offering provides users with the certainty and protection of a traditional service plan, but additional flexibility to cut costs by optimizing the way maintenance is being done.


Fly with peace of mind

At the end of the day there are many things outside the manager’s control, but maintenance does not have to be one. It’s all about creating better business outcomes by providing another layer of prevention, safety and control over your operation.

If you want to learn more about our offerings, you can learn all about it here.
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