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APAC Customers Recognize Honeywell Airtime Services Connectivity Experience

APAC Customers Recognize Honeywell Airtime Services Connectivity Experience

The positive feedback from our APAC customers regarding Honeywell Airtime Services continues to inspire us as we push the boundaries of connected business aviation. With a seamless and reliable connection, passengers often forget they are thousands of feet above the ground, effortlessly staying connected throughout their journey.

In addition to the benefits for passengers, the operational efficiencies and cost savings provided by Honeywell Airtime Services have revolutionized the way business aviation operates. The ability to track and monitor every aircraft in the fleet, coupled with easy access to flight planning, has streamlined operations and enhanced productivity for flight crews and operators.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in connected business aviation. Honeywell will continue to evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, ensuring that they stay connected, efficient, and ahead in the dynamic world of business aviation.

There have been increasingly more business aviation customers in APAC that enjoy Honeywell Airtime Services connectivity solutions and services. Here is a sampling of the customer feedback we’ve received in 2023:

We are a boutique business aviation consultant with over 20 years of industry experience in Asia. Our objective has always been to make the business jet travel experience easy for our distinguished VVIP clients. We worked with Honeywell on one of the very first and most complex cabin internet projects of its kind in Asia, and were impressed by their responsiveness, can-do attitude, and domain expertise. In that project, the Honeywell team traveled to several airports to meet the aircraft schedule, worked with a set of different industrial stakeholders, and eventually set the cabin internet up and running. We appreciate the efforts and look forward to working with Honeywell more in the future.

Simmi Cheung
Client Relations Director
Air Venus Hong Kong

We operate a Global 7500 for private and charter operations and rely on Honeywell to support our datalink and in-flight internet requirements for our worldwide travel.

I have been impressed with the level of personal service provided, particularly the timely assistance rendered to us when troubleshooting issues arising with the intricacies of introducing a new aircraft.

The prompt and professional assistance (and thorough follow-up) from the Honeywell team gives me confidence in the system – our data systems don’t present us with any stress.

Scott Bosman
Head of Flying Operations
Private and Charter Operation in Oceania

I am writing to express our profound satisfaction with Honeywell Airtime Services, which we have recently integrated as our primary system for flight tracking and datalink communication at Fuji Business Jet.

I had the pleasure of meeting Adrien from the Honeywell team in person for an in-depth introduction to the system. His comprehensive explanations and patient response to every query I posed were incredibly helpful. Furthermore, his colleague Mohan has been instrumental in assisting our technical team, addressing all technical inquiries and challenges we have faced. Their professionalism and expertise have been commendable.

While Honeywell Airtime Services stands out as one of the best flight support systems available in the industry, it is the exemplary support team that truly elevates the entire experience. Their dedication to ensuring we have a seamless and positive integration has been remarkable.

We are genuinely pleased with both the product and the unparalleled support we have received from the Honeywell team. It is interactions like these that reinforce our decision to choose Honeywell Airtime Services.

Thank you for the exceptional service.

Hiroki Kita
Deputy Manager of Flight Operation
Fuji Business Jet 

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude for the exceptional customer support experience I have had with your team.

In a world where exceptional service is becoming increasingly rare, your team truly stands out. Each time I reached out with my query no matter if it was technical or contractual, I was met with a level of professionalism, dedication, and attentiveness that exceeded my expectations. 

More recently, we had to have our connectivity reactivated in a very short time, Mohan and Laurent managed to make it happen on very short notice. I also had many situations when Mohan and Laurent were traveling overseas or on holidays but there was no difference, they kept answering my calls and emails very quickly. This level of willingness to assist is truly commendable and speaks for itself about your team's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mohan and Laurent’s dedication and expertise made a significant impact on our operations. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to other operators. Looking forward to a continued positive relationship.

Technical Director
Sun Air Limited Liability Company

We are pleased to partner with Honeywell, and appreciate the ongoing support provided to Funian.

Following the joint acquisition by ExecuJet Haite and Metrojet in 2022, Funian has remained dedicated to delivering unparalleled air travel experiences to our customers. Hence, we place significant emphasis on selecting aircraft cockpit data links and cabin internet suppliers. As a global leader in high-tech manufacturing, Honeywell particularly demonstrates an impressive track record in aerospace technologies, so our strategic partnership with you is the best choice beyond doubt.

Honeywell has provided exceptional pre-sale, technical support, and after-sale services that are pivotal to our operations. During the initial inquiry phase, Honeywell’s patient responses to customer queries have been commendable. Moreover, when Funian encounters technical challenges, the timely assistance and solutions provided by Honeywell’s engineers have been invaluable.

Honeywell has provided exceptional pre-sale, technical support, and after-sale services that are pivotal to our operations. During the initial inquiry phase, Honeywell’s patient responses to customer queries have been commendable. Moreover, when Funian encounters technical challenges, the timely assistance and solutions provided by Honeywell’s engineers have been invaluable.

Looking ahead, we look forward to deepening our collaboration with Honeywell to further elevate the internet experience within the cockpit and cabin of the Funian fleet.

Eddie Zhang
General Manager
Funian Aviation

Benefiting from the expansive global service network offered by Honeywell Airtime Services, we have been able to offer customers an extensive array of products at lower costs, while delivering the best data services within the cockpit and cabin.

Mark Ma
Account Manager
Miracle Jet Limited

As one of the most influential business aviation operators in the Asia-Pacific region, Business Aviation Asia Limited (BAA) is committed to providing clients with unmatched business aviation services. In the aviation industry that demands highly specialized expertise, the quality of service providers is crucial to business aviation operators, directly influencing the service experiences of our end customers. The Honeywell Airtime Services team stands as an essential partner of BAA, providing tailored and connected aviation services for both cockpit and cabin requirements. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Honeywell Airtime Services team for holding the Connected Cockpit and Cabin Series Business Aviation Customer Conference. This event has not only provided us with the latest advancements and expert insights in the connected aviation field but has also enabled our customers to promptly experience the enhancements brought about by cutting-edge technology. It is also a great opportunity for Chinese business aviation professionals to engage in dialogue, fostering communication and knowledge sharing within our industry.

Our sincere thanks to the Honeywell Airtime Services team!

Gordon Chen
General Manager
Maintenance & Engineering Department
Business Aviation Asia Limited

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