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Agility and Passion for Racing Inspires Aerospace Engineer

Agility and Passion for Racing Inspires Aerospace Engineer to Explore More

Arun Behera, Senior Project Engineer at Honeywell Technology Solutions in Hyderabad, India, is one of those passionate Aerospace engineers who works on integrating Displays and Graphics software technologies to solve the challenges of modern aviation.

Outside the office, he’s just as passionate about running, an interest that began in his college days. Returning to the sport in 2015, he’s represented India and his state, Telangana, in international and national championships – earning two silver and three bronze medals in the past two years.

Behera finds athletics take him out of his comfort zone, pushing him to develop a positive mindset and self-discipline that also helps him overcome challenges on the job. That convinces him to explore more, allowing him to grow and create a better world.

For over 14 years Behera has been with Honeywell, where’s he’s known for being positive, keeping an open mind, understanding customer needs and delivering value in his product designs and solutions.

His innovative work on the graphic generation function in Display and Graphics Systems has assisted Honeywell in meeting and exceeding the expectations of global OEM customers like Gulfstream, Dassault, Datalink, Hawker, Cessna, KSN, Embraer, Agusta and others. “I am proud to be part of a global diversified organization like Honeywell, which has a friendly and flexible work culture,” he says. “Honeywell provides the right platform for innovation and learning as well as opportunities to contribute globally. It has been inspiring and rewarding to work with the industry’s brightest minds who have created and developed some of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies.”

Behera works on designing and developing innovative software solutions for business jet cockpit display and graphics systems that provide smoother flight operations. One impressive system is Honeywell’s SmartView Synthetic Vision System(SVS), which provides pilots unprecedented situational awareness by naturally depicting flight symbology and 3D terrain on the primary display while complementing lateral and vertical situational views. The system – which is a great example of leveraging Honeywell’s experience in human factors and graphics design – improves safety, reduces pilot workload and simplifies the joy of flying.

Behera is particularly proud to be associated with Honeywell Aerospace’s Software Verification and Validation business. In addition to developing and testing displays and graphics systems, the business supports navigation systems with a focus on cycle time improvements and productivity. Software testing plays a very important role in meeting U.S. Federal Aviation Administration industry standard mandates before the systems are offered to the OEMs.

When he’s not at work, Behera can be found conducting science projects, pursuing athletics and training kids. He started running way back during his college days, representing his school in inter-university and state meets – with a dream to represent India one day. His strong comeback to athletics in 2015 has led to medals in national and international meets.

“Running helps me be more proactive in addressing new challenges with more self-determination and courage,” he says. “It keeps me healthier and fitter, too. I apply this learning to my program execution, motivating my team members to take on new program challenges and complete them with vigor.”

He adds, “I personally think that winning isn’t everything. Giving your best is important, and learning from the failures is the best way of learning new things.”

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