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A Fulfilling Career and Motherhood Can Co Exist

A Fulfilling Career and Motherhood Can Co-Exist

There are numerous skills that help me in my career as a Technical Manager at Honeywell Aerospace. Over the past five years, things like stability, having a routine, being organized and meticulous as well as prioritizing time management have made me a successful manager. My team knows what to expect and what is required of them every day. The same goes for my family.

The skills I have cultivated at work are also the skills that help me run an efficient and effective home. As the mother of two young boys – ages seven and nine – having a routine and stable process at home makes life easier, especially when I am trying to juggle a demanding career and raising responsible young men. Like me, my children put in a full day. It includes school, after-school sports and tutoring. But family time is very important to us as well. Each night after our responsibilities are met we eat dinner together, play games, unwind and relax.

I want to teach my kids that in order to get ahead in life you have to apply yourself and prioritize learning. They see that everyone in our family has a job and their job is to work hard and get good grades so they can have a fulfilling life.

As a youngster, I learned a lot from my mother. I watched as she struggled to put herself through school, work several jobs and raise four children. From a very young age I was expected to be responsible and independent. I helped cook, clean and raise my younger siblings. Watching my mother work so hard inspired me to go to college and earn my degree before I even considered getting married and starting a family.

Every day I strive to demonstrate strength, the value of hard work, dedication and perseverance for my children. I know they are quietly watching me balancing a career I love with their needs. I am hopeful that they will find their passion as they get older and will be able to contribute to society and make a difference in the world where they live and work.

Miriam Cruz
Technical Manager (PSE)
Miriam Cruz is currently based in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.


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