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5 Ways Satellite Communications Can Benefit Your Aviation Business

5 Ways Satellite Communications Can Benefit Your Aviation Business

The promise of the Connected Aircraft is real, and satellite communications (SATCOM) systems make it possible. With a SATCOM system, you can communicate more securely and efficiently anywhere you operate. Plus, big data and analytics provide real-time and predictive insights to make flights smoother, safer and more entertaining.

Here are five ways a SATCOM system can benefit your airline:

Improved passenger experience with true broadband-class in-flight connectivityA departure doesn’t have to mean disconnecting. More than 75% of passengers consider Wi-Fi to be an important travel feature. A SATCOM system delivers the connectivity that lets passengers stream live TV, video chat, download music and movies, access company VPNs, shop online, and much more—from the moment they climb aboard until touchdown and taxi.

More efficient flights and maintenance operationsWith satellite connectivity, your flight operations and dispatch teams gain access to apps that can translate into more streamlined operations and more savings. For instance, by helping aviation companies plan flights more efficiently, use less fuel, reduce aircraft downtime and eliminate unneeded maintenance, Honeywell’s suite of software and apps can help operators save up to $100,000 per year.

Cost savingsIn addition to helping reduce the costs of fuel and aircraft on ground (AOG), satellite-based solutions can save you money by delivering high-speed cockpit and cabin connectivity at a fraction of the cost of an air-to-ground system. The solutions also deliver global coverage that extends to the polar regions. Some systems even let you control the amount of bandwidth consumed by streaming video, so you can opt for less-expensive data plans without compromising the entertainment experience.

Dedicated, secure communicationsCertain satellite-based solutions provide connectivity to pilots and passengers alike through two independent SwiftBroadband channels. This gives pilots access to a separate, secure data channel for essential safety communications in the cockpit—like text messaging with air traffic control, in-flight tracking and electronic flight bag applications. It also provides passengers with a separate channel for SwiftBroadband voice and data connectivity in the cabin.

Peace of mind with redundancy over multiple networksHoneywell’s portfolio of satellite-based solutions offers the ability to install two systems on the same aircraft and provide redundancy over multiple networks. That system redundancy ensures that you won’t lose connectivity.

With satellite-based communications systems, you can provide a superior flight experience for passengers and crew alike; passengers receive an in-home Wi-Fi experience, and pilots are given the opportunity to streamline operations and flight times, while lowering costs for fuel and maintenance. We can confidently say that providing satellite communications to your aircraft will help deliver the secure, redundant connectivity you need and passengers are demanding.

Kathryn Kearney
Content Marketing Specialist
Katie Kearney is the global content marketing specialist for Honeywell Aerospace.


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