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5 Ways Connected Defense Can Contribute to Mission Success

5 Ways Connected Defense Can Contribute to Mission Success

Technology has changed the way nations engage adversaries. This is the age of Connected Defense, where seamless, fast, secure, and reliable communications and data gathering can enhance decision making and strategies. The new wealth of data—and the systems to analyze and put that data to use—is helping us find safer, more effective ways to reach mission success.

Here are five ways Connected Defense can contribute to mission success:

Improved fleet management. Connected Defense capabilities can help you reduce the costs of operations, maintenance, data loading and data retrieval. These capabilities include systems that keep commanders in control of an entire mission from start to finish. The systems use aircraft and operational data to inform leaders about payload status and personnel flow and queueing, as well as how aircraft are using fuel. Connected Defense enables smarter, more accurate decision making and can help uncover opportunities to streamline procedures and further cut costs.

Safer, more efficient ground operations. Today’s data analytics capabilities and connected maintenance systems can help you reduce downtime for maintenance and cut troubleshooting costs by as much as 25%. Other connected solutions give ground crews the information they need to manage turnarounds faster and more efficiently to get aircraft back in the air where they belong—reducing flight delays by 22% and improving on-time performance by 30%.

Enhanced flight operations. With Connected Defense, you can reduce network disruptions and improve flight performance. Connected systems deliver up-to-the-minute weather information, which allows pilots to reroute or request shortcuts to avoid storms and turbulence. By combining flight data analytics with tools to optimize trajectories, electronic flight bag applications help crews make smarter decisions about optimal flight paths to reduce fuel use and flying time.

Increased cybersecurity protection. Connected Defense solutions deliver the highest levels of security to ensure data integrity and minimize vulnerabilities across a variety of weapons systems, as well as supporting framework and processes. The solutions include intrusion detection and prevention systems installed in weapons systems to monitor, detect and respond to known cybersecurity threats. Artificial intelligence also plays a significant role in cybersecurity, with continuous monitoring of data and edge devices to pinpoint and eradicate emerging threats.

Improved situational awareness. Getting an accurate, real-time bird’s-eye view of operations can help commanders develop more effective strategies. Today’s onboard Wi-Fi is reliable and secure and delivers speeds up to 100 times faster than legacy connections. More data can result in better situational awareness. In addition, it improves operational and mission performance by turning aircraft data into actionable insights for flight and ground crews and the command post.

By choosing Honeywell for Connected Defense solutions, you benefit from our domain expertise, real-world experience and solid commitment to delivering the capabilities that give you a competitive edge. We’re the only end-to-end provider of proven connectivity hardware, software, services, applications and airtime. Our legacy of aeronautic and defense expertise gives you the advantages you need to ensure that every mission is a success.

Kathryn Kearney
Content Marketing Specialist
Katie Kearney is the global content marketing specialist for Honeywell Aerospace.


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