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5 Things That Make JetWave Worth the Investment

5 Things That Make JetWave Worth the Investment

In-flight Wi-Fi that’s fast, reliable and always available used to be a pipe dream for business jet passengers. Today it’s a necessity and the most discriminating flyers refuse to take off without a secure broadband connection that keeps them productive and entertained from wheels-up to wheels-down.

Flight departments and charter operators have lots of options when it comes to upgrading their satellite communications hardware to meet their passengers’ almost insatiable desire for a better, faster connected aircraft experience. While the cost of a new SATCOM system represents a sizable capital investment, it’s just a fraction of the total cost of outfitting a well-equipped business jet.

It’s an investment that pays for itself many times over by improving operating efficiency and creating a better passenger experience. Here are five things that make Honeywell’s top-of-the-line JetWave SATCOM worth the investment.

1. JetWave is Really Fast

JetWave is so fast you’ll forget you’re flying. Passengers can send and receive email, surf the internet, download and upload large files, video conference with the home office, and even live-stream the big game, Facetime with the family, or watch the next episode of that Netflix blockbuster. For the numbers folks, Honeywell was the first to provide committed data rates, and with speeds to 33 mbps we guarantee you’ll always have the speed you need to get connected and stay connected.

2. JetWave is Always Available

JetWave is the only way you can connect with the Inmarsat Jet ConneX Ka-Band network, the best broadband service available for business aviation. JetWave and Jet ConneX have you covered from the minute you climb onto the aircraft until you climb off at your final destination – you don’t have to wait until you’re at altitude to connect. Enabled by four Global Xpress satellites covering the globe (except the poles), the Honeywell-Inmarsat partnership has you reliably covered, even on transoceanic flights.

3. Honeywell Offers Airtime Plans

Savvy operators know the cost of providing great in-flight Wi-Fi includes airtime service plans. As the world’s leading provider of end-to-end connectivity solutions, Honeywell offers subscription-based airtime packages through Honeywell Forge Cabin Connectivity, which can be tailored to match your needs. Also available is a unique “pay-as-you-go” plan, which charges for data actually consumed with no monthly data-use commitment or restrictions, or our JX-Pro, which provides unlimited use and speeds up to 33 percent higher than were previously available to business aircraft users.

4. You Manage Your Data Costs

Honeywell Forge Cabin Connectivity offers a number of tools to help you manage the total cost of ownership for your JetWave-based SATCOM system. There are several ways to keep an eye on costs and ensure you do not exceed your plan limits or monthly budget, including:

  • Honeywell Forge Data Control, which gives you the power to allocate data so you can choose a less expensive data plan.
  • Honeywell Forge Filter, which helps you ensure that all of the data sent and received from your aircraft cabin is used productively.
  • Honeywell Forge Access, so you can allow passengers and charter operators to use the internet only within their agreed-upon budget while flying.

5. The Price is Right

JetWave is more affordable than ever, thanks to a special price reduction on systems installed by Dec. 31, 2019. Contact your Honeywell representative today for more information on this one-time offer on the best Wi-Fi in the sky. Don’t worry about downtime. Installation is fast and easy when you work with one of our authorized channel partners who can get you all set up in about two weeks. You can even schedule the installation to coincide with your next major service interval.

Jim Skvarla
Senior Technical Sales Manager
Senior Technical Sales Manager for Connectivity Products


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