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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Autopilot to AeroCruze

From the most adventurous pilots to the most careful ones, autopilots are aviator’s best friends. That’s why it’s no surprise that in the last decade we’ve seen an accelerated trend of autopilots onboard general aviation platforms.

If you are one of thousands looking to upgrade your autopilot to significantly improve your flight experience, we’ve got five reasons why the AeroCruze product line is the optimal solution for your aircraft.

Reduce your workload and improve your flight experience

Autopilots improve our performance and flight experience in cross-country flights and congested airspace, and AeroCruze 100 can help follow complex flight plans, when connected to panel mount GPS, to let you relax for a while and enjoy the ride. If you’re looking for an autopilot with extra features, AeroCruze 230 also includes, roll steering, altitude pre-select, NAV, VOR, ILS, GPS and an easy-to-use touchscreen with knobs and buttons for frequently used functions and turbulent situations, among others.

All AeroCruze products help you manage multiple tasks, when you feel like you need an extra hand in complex situations as you fly today’s busy airspace. You can trust your AeroCruze to have your back and enhance your flight experience.

Smart, safe, and dependable, like the best copilot.

AeroCruze 230 tells you about dangerous situations aurally, as well as what it is doing when in mode annunciation. It has an optional full 3 axis and achieves precise turns to capture heading or approach even in high winds, allowing coupled-WAAS approaches as well as coupled curved path procedures when paired with a compatible GPS. Let AeroCruze 230 be your always-available copilot and never worry about matching schedules, emergency flights or impromptu trips again.

Prioritize safety

Like you, in BendixKing we put safety at the top of our concerns, and as much as we all love hand-flying our aircraft, we know an autopilot might save lives in situations such as an unusual aircraft attitude. That’s why we included an emergency autopilot level button on AeroCruze 100, AeroCruze 230, and xCruze that help to bring the aircraft to a wings-level position.

The perfect fit

Not only are AeroCruze 100 and xCruze offered in three different sizes and shapes to fit your aircraft’s needs and space, but all of BendixKing’s products are compatible with non-BendixKing equipment, allowing you to make cost effective upgrades without having to change your whole cockpit. Also, if you’re upgrading to AeroCruze 230 from KFC 150/200, you can use all your existing servos minimizing installation costs and time.

And last but not least…

You can take back control at any moment

We know that the thrill of a manual flight is one of the best perks of being a pilot, so we included a CWS button in the AeroCruze 230 autopilot for you to enjoy the experience with the safety of not disengaging the autopilot and all of its protection measures.

If you still are not sure, or just want to learn more about our autopilots, connect with one of our experts to have a one-on-one chat and answer all your questions.

Or check out other BendixKing Flagship products and discover the perfect upgrade for the best flight experience.

Danielle Richeti
Channel Customer Marketing Manager