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3 Ways Precision Improves Mission Readiness

3 Ways Precision Improves Mission Readiness

Precision in military operations is a critical factor to mission readiness and success. Today’s technology is improving military capabilities by enabling greater precision improvements than ever before — in targeting, fleet and troop positioning, vehicle and equipment management, way finding, and much more. Our solutions can help keep you on the cutting edge of military readiness and boost the potential for mission success.

Here are three ways that improved precision equals improved mission readiness:

Location: accurately tracking and identifying targets on the ground is vital. Honeywell Skyforce Observer uses sensors, advanced mapping and GPS navigation to provide precise location services to pilots, down to house and street level with satellite imagery. The system can connect to and enhance flight management systems, automatic identification system transponders, direct finding systems and more. Honeywell Sky Connect Tracker enables voice, data and position tracking. It enables real-time tracking of aircraft status, 3D location, flight route and arrival time. The Honeywell Tactical Advanced Land Inertial Navigator (TALIN) family of navigation solutions can even provide precise, multiaxis vehicle positioning, pointing and targeting in areas where GPS signals are intermittent or nonexistent.

Fuel Efficiency: optimizing fuel usage is a primary consideration in any military operation, because the more efficiently an aircraft uses fuel, the farther and longer it can fly. Our GoDirect Flight Services help pilots make more efficient flight operation decisions by providing information on the most direct routes to save fuel. In addition, Honeywell’s GoDirect Connected Maintenance and Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) help by alerting ground crews to imminent mechanical failures.

Navigation: Honeywell is the leading producer of Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs). These aircraft components provide precision in navigation, targeting and landing by measuring motion and changes in position across the globe, even when GPS is unavailable. We also have embedded GPS INS (EGI) solutions for military aircraft navigation, as well as a variety of micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) IMUs and inertial/global navigation satellite systems (GNSSes) for precise wayfinding, whether the aircraft is equipped with a pilot or not.

When you can increase precision in your operations, you improve mission readiness and the likelihood of success. Honeywell leverages today’s advanced technologies to deliver that precision. Whether you are defending your borders, assisting in humanitarian relief services or supporting peacekeeping missions, we can help keep you ready for anything.

Kathryn Kearney
Content Marketing Specialist
Katie Kearney is the global content marketing specialist for Honeywell Aerospace.


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