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More Power, Greater Fuel Efficiency and Smaller Environmental Footprint

More Power, Greater Fuel Efficiency and Smaller Environmental Footprint

Honeywell’s Popular 131 Series of Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) became one of the most successful APUs with more than 100 million hours of in-service use. The first 131-9D was designed for Boeing MD-90 gained an immediate following. It became a standard equipment on Boeing 737NG family of aircraft as well as airline selectable for Airbus A320 family of aircrafts. It was also chosen for Airbus A220 aircrafts.

Now, Honeywell has released a High Efficiency Mode (HEM) upgrade for the 131-9A Auxiliary Power Unit for Airbus Single Aisle aircrafts. HEM meets our customers’ need of more power on the aircraft, greater fuel efficiency and a smaller environmental footprint.

The 5 Compelling reasons to upgrade to 131-9A HEM:

  • 1-2% improvement in fuel efficiency, which can amount to savings as much as $9,000 per year, per aircraft depending on operating conditions.
  • Improved environmental performance, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 22 metric tons per APU per year helping shape a safer, sustainable environment for future.
  • On-wing time is improved up to 1,500 hours dependent on operator use. That can mean 1-2 fewer shop visits over the life of the unit, with estimated savings of $315,000 per shop visit.

  • Reduced overall maintenance costs and lower spares requirements, thanks to longer time-on-wing. Larger operators may save up to 15% on spares.
  • Easy installation. The new diffuser is a form-fit replacement, so the upgrade does not increase normal major service interval downtime. For Series 25 and newer units, the upgrade can be made without removing the APU from the aircraft. Therefore, lesser disruptions to operation.

This upgrade is an easy, one-time modification enabled with software and will be available and free to our Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) customers. Other customers can take advantage of single-year or multi-year subscription-based pricing programs.


The Power of Advanced Software

The powerful combination of hardware and advanced software deliver HEM benefits that improve operational and bottom-line performance for operators. The redesigned diffuser is critical, but it’s the software that autonomously controls the diffuser to regulate airflow into the compressor section. As a result, the engine burns fuel more efficiently at lower temperatures, which reduces wear and tear on critical engine parts.


Advancing the Capabilities of the 131-9A APU

More than 25 years after entering production and 6,000 deliveries, the 131-9A has a well-earned reputation for performance and reliability among Airbus narrowbody aircraft operators worldwide. Honeywell continues to advance the science behind small turbine engines, to ensure we’re meeting customers’ needs for more power on the aircraft, greater fuel-efficiency and a smaller environmental footprint. The HEM upgrade for the 131-9A checks all the boxes. For more information and to arrange to upgrade your APU at your next major service interval, contact your Honeywell representative.

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