A new generation of innovators is looking for ways to quickly and efficiently move people within cities in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Soon passengers and goods will routinely fly aboard a new breed of cleaner, smarter air vehicles. The age of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is upon us, and Honeywell is on the leading edge.

Ready-to-Fly Technology


We’re applying our technologies in autonomous flight, avionics, electric and hybrid-electric propulsion, detect-and-avoid systems, actuation, flight infrastructure and connectivity to the unique needs of Urban Air Mobility vehicles.

We’re working with some of the most innovative companies in UAM, including  Vertical AerospaceVolocopterJaunt Air Mobility, Pipistrel, and the motor maker DENSO. And we’re constantly investing in new capabilities and scaling proven systems to meet UAM size, weight, power and cost requirements.

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Committed to Your Success

Our full-time UAM team is working with aircraft manufacturers, governments, universities, and newcomers from the tech and transportation worlds to advance the science of flight.

Our huge portfolio of aerospace products means we can get your vehicle flying fast.

And with 100 years of aircraft certification experience, we help you navigate the regulations as well.

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No one knows more about autonomous flight, fly-by-wire, avionics, navigation, situational awareness or connectivity than Honeywell. You’ll find our electronics on aircraft from Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream, Pilatus, Textron and many other manufacturers.

We pioneered collision avoidance and ground proximity warning technologies that dramatically improve flight safety. Now we’re applying our expertise to detect-and-avoid technologies that will be critical for UAM operations.

UAM Cockpit

Propulsion & Power Systems

1 MW Generator

We’ve been working in electric and hybrid-electric propulsion for more than two decades. Now we’re now partnering with DENSO, the global leader in electrification technology for the automotive industry, to bring light, dependable motors to the urban air mobility market.

We excel in generators, controllers and other essential elements in the electric and hybrid-electric powertrain. And we just introduced the aerospace industry’s first 1 MW generator, with the same power density as our 200 kVA generator.



Honeywell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of actuation solutions, with tens of thousands of units steering aircraft, rockets, missiles and satellites worldwide.

Our electromechanical actuators for urban air mobility are built to handle the unique stresses of low-level, urban flight and the vibrations of multirotor designs. They work seamlessly with fly-by-wire computers to enable smooth flight in all conditions.

We also offer a full range of flight-proven actuators for landing gear, doors, cargo handling and other applications. Please fill out our “Contact Us” form to learn more. 

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Connected Aircraft

Data communications are key to safe and efficient UAM flight. Honeywell is known throughout the industry for systems that bring Internet and other datalinks to airliners, business jets and helicopters.

But our expertise goes beyond that: we also provide advanced analytics, connected weather, connected flight management and prescriptive maintenance to improve the flying experience for passengers and operators.

We’re now working on applications specific to urban air mobility.

Integration & Certification

Urban Air Mobility

The aircraft certification process can be intimidating.  With Honeywell as a development partner, UAM  builders can breathe easier thanks to our  certification experience with new applications,  products and aircraft programs. We also lead  the transportation industry in enabling aircraft  systems to work together.

Watch Our “What it Takes” Video Series

Our close collaboration with the most exciting companies in urban air mobility gives us unique insights into solving the challenges facing this new market. We’ve distilled these into the “What it Takes” video series. Download the series poster, and come back often to see the latest episodes:

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Episode 3: Propulsion

Learn what we can do for you

Our Urban Air Mobility team works full-time to ensure our customers are getting the solutions they need – fast. With a century of experience on our resume and a culture that thrives on growth and innovation, we’re looking for more opportunities to apply our leading-edge technologies on new UAM platforms.

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