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Space Obsessed Since 1958


Sure, we’re not new but we create new technology all the time.

Come on a journey with us to see some of the awesome missions that Honeywell Space has been a contributor to - from the first days of the Space Age into the limitless future of the New Space frontiers.

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Nerding Out to Deliver 100% Mission Success

Key Space Technologies? We've got this!

Honeywell’s Space Team delivers unparalleled expertise in space qualified components, systems and mission solutions. We enable seamless satellite connectivity and navigation, empower human space exploration, help create powerful launch vehicles and the smallest microelectronics.

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Good Things Come in Smallsat Packages
Small Satellite Solutions? Yes, we do that too!

Our passion for answering the call for breakthrough space technology has led us to create a special group within our Space Team – with a specific mandate to create the perfect solutions for small satellites, constellations and optical capabilities – quickly and seamlessly for the missions of tomorrow.

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Helping Humans Thrive, Whatever Planet You're On

Heading to the Moon, Mars or beyond?

Our Human Space capabilities run the gamut from keeping astronauts alive to building awesome  spacecraft controls, computers, launch and  navigation systems.

We worked the Apollo missions, we are on the International Space Station and we will journey to Mars as part of the Orion program.

See our wide range of human space products HERE .

Watch Our Proud Space Nerds Explain How to Build a Spaceship!

Ep 1: How to Drive in Zero Gravity

Ep 2: How to Get a Smooth Ride in Space

Ep 3: How Astronauts Breathe in Space

Ep 4: How to Keep Astronauts Comfy in Space

Ep 5: How Satellites “Talk” to Each Other and Earth

Ep 6: Next Stop: Mars!

Ep 7: Fly Me to the Moon and Beyond

Ep 8: How to Build a Spaceship - Guidance and Navigation

Ep 9: The Optical Eye in the Sky: Optical Communications

Ep 1: How to Drive in Zero Gravity

Ep 1: How to Drive in Zero Gravity

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