Plane in Flight
Plane in Flight

Improving Air Travel With Connected Technologies

Honeywell Aerospace products fly on virtually every airliner in the sky, making planes safer and more efficient from the cockpit to the tail. Our connected technologies and services deliver Internet to passengers, reduce pilot workload, expand the capacity of airports and reduce maintenance costs.

Take a Flight

At Airport

At airports, Honeywell’s SmartPath® Ground-Based Augmentation System is increasing runway capacity and keeping flights on time. SmartPath® transmitters increase the accuracy of satellite-based GPS signals, improving operations in bad weather and allowing aircraft to take more efficient paths to the runway. This reduces fuel costs, pollution and noise.

SmartPath Landing System

In The Sky

While enroute, passengers can enjoy faster and more reliable Internet through Honeywell’s JetWave™ system. In the cockpit, Honeywell’s IntuVue® radar and other avionics give pilots unprecedented flight information, reducing run-ins with bad weather and allowing more efficient routes. Learn about our avionics for airliners here.

IntuVue 4000 3D Weather Systems

In The Shop

Honeywell’s performance-based maintenance contracts, meanwhile, allow airlines to save money while getting the latest upgrades.

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We’re Honeywell Aerospace, and we’re making air travel better with the power of connected aircraft.

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