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How do I review & submit my order?

How do I review & submit my order?

After adding part to the cart, the Part Search screen will appear.

1. Once ready to check out, hover over the shopping cart icon and select Go To Cart.

2. A summary of all items in the cart will appear. To view details, select Show Details.

3. To remove an item from the cart, select the X button. To edit an item in the cart select the edit button.

4. To continue, select Proceed to Checkout.

5. Shipping address can be changed to another linked address or a drop ship address can be created.

6. Ship My Order Complete - Does not apply for repairs

7. Select preferred shipping carrier, method and account from the drop down choices.

8. If shipping to a freight forwarder, select checkbox.

9. Option to save selected shipping preferences to your profile.

10. When complete, select Proceed to Review.

11. This message is for information purposes only.  It is only meant to inform the Customer that the Purchase Order Number being used already exists.

To move on past the message, please click the X in the upper right corner.

12. Select applicable payment method.

13. Default Bill To account will be displayed.

If applicable, select Change to select another account.

14. If Credit Card is selected, fill out credit card details or select a previously saved card.

15. USG compliant (Y/N): If yes, user will be directed to call Customer Service if certification is required.

16. End User Information-required for export control

  • Sold to: uses your sold to account address
  • Ship to: uses your ship to account address
  • Other: fill in required fields

17. Review the Honeywell Terms and Conditions, check the box, and select Submit Order.


18. Select the blue link to print the repair sheet-include this sheet when shipping your unit to the repair shop.

19. Indication that order was submitted successfully.

*This creates a notification to the repair shop that your unit is on the way.

20. The submitted order will now appear in Order Status with a status of WAITING FOR UNIT.

*Click here for steps on how to check your order status