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John Lescure
John Lescure

When You Fly, We Fly

Keeping you in the air is what lifts us up.

Our Mission Is To Keep You Flying

Here at Honeywell, we’re in the problem-solving business. Whether you have a quick question on a product or an airplane on the ground, we’re here to listen, we’re here to support and we’re here to act with levels of technical support only Honeywell can provide. On this page, you’ll find links to articles, tools and information that will help you access, and make the most of the best customer support in the business.

You Asked – We Answered

Throughout 2019 we received feedback through regular customer meetings, the Global Customer Committee and the annual AIN Survey, which provided us with a list of actionable areas where our customers wanted to see improvements. We’ve listened to this feedback and taken a number of measures to address these issues. We also encourage our customers to take the 2020 AIN Survey, so we can see how we’ve improved – and see where further work is needed. 

We’re Here For You

Our customer and support organization comprises two distinct teams, who are available to provide support, escalate issues and answer any of your queries.

Our customer support managers (CSMs) are strategically located to serve our customers within their respective geographies. Use our rep locator to find your support team. Your CSM should be your first point of escalation, but in emergency AOG situations, you can call our AOG hotline at+1 602-365-3099 or e-mail them.         

Our team of dedicated field service engineers (FSE) are strategically located across the region to deliver support where and when you need them most. Our FSEs are highly trained professionals, with an average tenure of more than 30 years, who can be deployed to help our customers when they experience technical difficulties.  You can contact our knowledgeable team by calling 1-602-365-6500, emailing us or completing a webform.

We’re Listening

The Global Customer Committee (GCC) is an independent group of aerospace professionals that works jointly with Honeywell to bring about improvements in aircraft, equipment, operations and services by seeking input from members on any concerns and issues based on the operator's experience, and to represent those issues to Honeywell. We’re always looking for new members to contribute to this influential group. Find out more here.

Seek and You Will Find

The Honeywell MyAerospace portal provides a wealth of invaluable information, support and technical advice – all available at your fingertips. The portal has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your aircraft flying by providing direct access to everything you need.

Through the portal you can order parts, find authorized channel partners, repair and overhaul services, or discover what upgrades and modifications are available for your aircraft. Honeywell also offers a wide range of services and support to make life easier for operators of all kinds of aircraft. You can also access a comprehensive portfolio of aviation services and applications, industry-leading warranty programs, and other service and support offerings that improve flight safety and efficiency.     

On the Go?

You can now take the Honeywell customer support network with you, thanks to the Direct Access application. This convenient app helps pilots and operators quickly locate the nearest Honeywell-authorized service centers and dealers, get technical support and find other vital information.

The app gives you direct access 24x7 to aircraft-on-ground (AOG) support for fast parts delivery to maximize aircraft uptime. The interactive map makes it easy and intuitive to find the right Honeywell resources, anywhere and anytime. The map shows service centers and dealers and lets users find phone numbers, addresses and site capabilities with a single click.

No matter where you are in the world, Honeywell has the support you need to keep you flying. Our engineers are located strategically around the world. Download the infographic to learn more about our capabilities in the Europe, Middle East, Africa and India region.

No matter where you are in the world, Honeywell has the support you need to keep you flying. Our engineers are located strategically around the world. Download the infographic to learn more about our capabilities in the Asia / Paciifc region.

Providing Personalized Solutions to Technical Problems

Honeywell’s global team of field service engineers (FSEs) literally follow the sun to ensure that they deliver a solution whenever a customer has an issue with any Honeywell product.

“We have 144 field service engineers around the world, and the number-one goal of each of them is to make our customers’ lives easier,” Alcock said. “There’s a lot of technology on today’s aircraft, and it takes a great deal of knowledge and expertise to isolate and solve AOG [Aircraft on Ground] issues quickly. In many cases, it takes input from multiple FSEs to troubleshoot the problem, so we’ve developed a virtual network that enables our experts to work together even if they are in different parts of the world.”

Help Us Improve Our Service

Help us improve our support by completing the 2020 AIN survey. 

Every year, Aviation International News (AIN) conducts a Product Support Survey where they ask their readers to evaluate aircraft, engines and avionics products for the prior twelve months. The 2020 survey will be released on May 4.

If you’re already subscribed to AIN and take the annual survey, then we encourage you to watch for and complete the 2020 survey.

As an engines and avionics manufacturer, Honeywell takes this and other industry surveys seriously. The anonymous results are reviewed by our global leadership and we used the customer feedback from the 2019 survey to improve our products, services and support. Our goal is to achieve top marks in the surveys and we need your feedback to make this happen. Here is a highlight of the changes me made this past year as a result of the survey feedback:

  • Added more Field Service Engineers worldwide, boasting an average of more than 30 years’ experience.
  • Published over 3000 knowledge articles for technical support and converted over a half of million active library pages to the latest digital format S1000D.
  • Hosted over 50 operator conferences to meet face to face with our customers globally and recorded over 360,000 customer interactions.
  • Redesigned Honeywell Aerospace website to streamline the self-help resources and technical support experience for ease of use and access.

Faster, More Personalized Service

Honeywell revamps its customer support to deliver faster, more personalized service. 

“We are in constant communications with our customers, and one thing that they make very clear to us today is that they are busy,” explains Todd Owens, Honeywell Aerospace’s VP, Customer Support, Americas. “They expect any interaction with Honeywell to be fast and easy. That is the culture we are driving internally. We are committed to ensuring that every customer experience—whether it’s through our portal or on the phone with one of our field support engineers—is as quick and efficient as possible.”

Meet Our Team

At a conference or via their blogs, meet our global team of engineers.