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Honeywell Advanced Electroplating Coating


Honeywell Advanced Electroplating Coating

Honeywell has developed an advanced wear coating, which can be applied via an electroplating process, to protect critical parts from wear and corrosion under the most rugged and demanding operating conditions. The new coating performs as well – or even better – than the most commonly used alternatives and is an environmentally compliant solution.

We have nearly a quarter-century of electroplating experience on components used in aerospace and defense applications. Our proven performance within the most difficult environments in land, air, and space show the effectiveness of our proprietary electroplating process. Now, we’re making our unique electroplating expertise available for non-aerospace use in oil & gas (O&G), industrial, and other applications where high levels of wear and corrosion resistance are required.

As shown in multiple industry-standard tests below, our new Advanced Electroplating Coating offers distinct advantages over alternatives such as tungsten carbide type coating applied via high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF-WC) process and chrome (Cr) coating applied via electroplating process. Not only does the coating provide excellent corrosion and wear resistance, but it also is environmentally compliant at a reasonable price point.  

If you are interested in purchasing our Advanced Electroplating Coating, please go to our supplier partner Moore’s Industrial Service LTD to learn more.

To learn more about how Honeywell can help you with your most critical electroplating needs, you can reach us at

The Oil & Gas industry faces unique challenges to protect drilling tools, production equipment and valves from premature failure due to corrosion, abrasion or erosion.

To avoid such failure, downtime and high maintenance costs associated with these problems, surface treatments such as hard chrome (Cr) applied via electroplating or tungsten carbide (WC) coatings applied by certain types of thermal spray processes such as High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) are used.

HVOF-WC coatings have high hardness but are expensive, and may be prone to failure due to low-impact resistance. Also, most thermal spray processes are not suitable for non-line of sight (NLOS) applications. On the other hand, hard chrome coatings are less expensive than HVOF-WC but prone to microcracks which can initiate corrosion and erosion. In addition to such mechanical property shortcomings, there are increasing environmental concerns regarding the use of chrome plating.

Honeywell is using its long history in electroplating to develop advanced technologies which address the drawbacks of these current solutions. Honeywell, a Fortune-100 company with $40.5 billion in sales, invents and manufactures technologies that address some of the world’s most critical challenges, and we look forward to helping you overcome your toughest coating challenges.

High Hardness
900-1,100 HV

Excellent Corrosion Resistance
Passes 1,000 hr salt fog corrosion test

Low Taber Wear
<5 mg loss/2,500 cycles

Low Co-efficient of Friction

Designed for Oil and Gas Applications
    • High hardness and corrosion resistance
    • Suitable for Non-Line of Sight (NLOS)
    • No environmental concerns

Backed by Honeywell
A Fortune-100 company

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