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AW139 Helicopter Front View on Ramp
AW139 Helicopter Front View on Ramp

Taking Productivity to the Next Level

Flight planning used to take an hour or more, and flight bags often held 40 pounds of maps and instructions. Today, the aviation industry has streamlined work. But the more productive employees are, the safer and more cost-efficient aviation can become.

Productivity: More than the Measure of a Single Output

Productivity is the measure of how much output you can achieve with a given input. But measuring any single output oversimplifies the potential of productivity gains in aviation.

More efficient flight plans and more productive ground crews lead to both better on-time performance and reduced costs. In fact, cost savings are just the start of the many benefits of improved productivity.

Making it so that pilots, owner-operators, technicians and even purchasers can do their jobs more easily also makes it possible for them to do their jobs better. That makes aviation safer for everyone. Furthermore, research shows that when workers in any industry are given the tools to be more productive, it pays off in motivation and worker satisfaction.


Adding just five minutes to aircraft ground time can cost a large airline up to $35 million annually.


New Ways to Achieve Productivity

We build our solutions and services with the many benefits of productivity in mind. We merge our knowledge about workers from across industries with our deep knowledge of aerospace to identify what’s needed to make processes: 

  • Faster
  • Easier
  • More accurate
  • Safer 

Productivity impacts costs, safety, end-user satisfaction and aviation worker satisfaction, and we’re perfectly suited to help you achieve it. 

Our Perspective

We work closely with aircraft operators who want to get the most from their equipment and their human resources. Optimizing human workspaces on the ground and in the air is critical to our improvement goals for all aviation.

That’s why we’re tackling productivity from many aspects of aircraft operations, including:

  • Components and design elements
  • Analytics, planning and prediction systems
  • Resource and time management

With solutions on nearly every aircraft in the world and at more than 500 airports, we understand aviation. We are relentless about doing things right so that you can boost productivity and bring its many benefits to your organization.

Ready to Talk?


How does pilot fatigue affect pilot productivity?

Fatigue not only hurts pilot productivity, it also endangers flight safety. Studies have found that fatigue has significant and profound effects on a human’s ability to accomplish tasks. We have combined many of our advanced communication and situational awareness solutions into an integrated tool set and have designed our cockpit systems to streamline pilot workload and reduce fatigue.

How can our organization make maintenance teams more productive?

Implementing lean management principles has become a popular way to bring the efficiencies of modern manufacturing to maintenance teams. However, Connected Aircraft technologies such as Connected Maintenance can help you go even further.

  • Connected communications help alert technicians to issues ahead of time, so they can speed turnarounds.
  • Connected diagnostics help tell technicians what parts need what kind of service, simplifying troubleshooting.
How can I make my procurers or purchasers more productive?

Productivity gains in procurement can improve metrics across an organization, yet procurement is an often-overlooked area. We’ve made it easier for purchasers to find and buy products through our GoDirect Trade e-commerce platform.

How can I become more productive when I have to deal with uncontrollable forces such as weather?

Weather is by far the most challenging variable for the aviation industry. However, with greater use of data and better situational tools, you can minimize the effect of weather on your operations. Our IntuVue RDR-4000 3D Weather Radar System has demonstrated a 26% improvement in weather hazard detection over conventional radar systems, allowing pilots to choose more efficient flight paths. Our Weather Information Service is an electronic flight-bag app providing up-to-date weather data that can also help flight crew make those strategic in-flight decisions.