When your Mission Relies on Being Ready for Anything, You Can Rely on Us

Technology solutions designed to protect and defend

The ever-changing threat landscape across military domains means that armed forces need to stand ready to protect and defend, often at short notice, to be ready for anything.  Honeywell has a long, proud and proven history of enabling our military customers to maintain mission readiness, to count on superior capability borne from the application of our innovative technology solutions, and to rely on us to achieve mission objectives now and in the future.

Our broad range of technologies enable helicopters to fly higher, hotter and more fuel efficiently, airborne assets to benefit from fast, reliable and secure network connections, bases to become more digital and connected, aircraft to fly safely, even in bad weather and at night, Fast Jet pilots to rely on clean, safe air-supply, Unmanned Aerial Systems to fly for longer, more safely, and so much more.

We are committed to you, our military customers and stand ready to support you, whatever your requirements may be.  From defending your national interest, supporting the need for security of supply with local depot set-up and technology transfer, to providing training, localised support and guidance to reduce downtime and maintain mission-readiness wherever you are in the world. You can rely on us.


Mission Readiness by the Numbers


Amount Honeywell Health and Usage Monitoring saved South Carolina Army National Guard


Hours our T55 engines have operated on CH-47 and MH-47 helicopters 


Number of tactical-grade Inertial Measurement Units produced to date

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With more than 100 years of experience delivering capability for military customers around the world, and our vast portfolio of defense technology, we are uniquely positioned to support your mission requirements, now and in the future.

When your mission relies on being ready for anything, you can rely on us.

Our Capabilities


Proven in theatre in the world’s harshest environments, our engines are high-performance, high-power, high reliability solutions for helicopters, trainer aircraft and tanks.  Our engines require less maintenance, thanks to their simple, rugged design, and our continuous improvement programs have resulted in engines that provide more power with lower fuel consumption. These improvements also increase mission range and payload capabilities over a wider operating spectrum.


The CTS800 has the highest power-to-weight ratio and lowest specific fuel consumption (SFC) in its class. Weighing in at only 375 pounds, it allows for a max take-off weight of over 11,000 pounds.  Originally designed for the US Army, the CTS800 was developed by the Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company (LHTEC), a 50:50 partnership between Rolls-Royce and Honeywell.


The T53 family of engines has logged more than 30 years of service, and more than 50 million flight hours on some of the world’s most iconic helicopters including the Bell UH-1H Huey, Huey II and AH-1H Cobra, as well as the commercially certified Kaman K-Max, Bell 204 and 205B helicopters.


Powering the Chinook helicopter, often considered the workhorse of the fleet, the T55 has evolved to produce 4,800 Shaft Horse Power (SHP) and powers the Chinook to a maximum speed of 196 mph (170 knots).  The latest configuration T55-714, delivers 22% more power and uses 7% less fuel than its predecessor.  To date, more than 6,000 T55 engines have been produced, logging some 12 million hours of operation on the Boeing CH-47 Chinook and MH-47 helicopters.

Our expertise in engines extends to the ancillary systems which are required to generate power.  These include Air Turbine Starter Systems, Control Systems and Valves.


The Honeywell F124 turbofan engine has what it takes to power today’s most advanced military jet trainers – maximum performance, reliability and availability. The F124 has the highest thrust-to-weight ratio in its class, thanks to a unique single-stage design that maximizes engine performance. The F124 generates plenty of power without a costly and complex afterburning system – dramatically reducing fuel consumption, saving wear and tear on vital engine parts, and driving superior levels of reliability and availability.


A proven workhorse with more than 13,000 engines delivered, 18 engine models, 106 configurations and more than 122 million hours of flight time, the TPE331 is one of the most reliable and proven turboprop engines in the world.

Pilots flying TPE331-powered aircraft enjoy exceptional horsepower response and best-in-class fuel economy. Additional TPE331 benefits include quick throttle response for shorter take-offs, good power-to-weight ratio and long maintenance intervals.

AGT1500 Gas Turbine engine

The AGT1500 gas turbine engine has been the force behind the Abrams M1 Main Battle Tank (MBT) mobility since the early 1980s. It provides the power, speed, quick acceleration and quiet operation which have earned the M1 such high marks across all military theatres.

Its features include compact design, cold-starting capabilities, instant power, multi-fuel capabilities and stealthy operation. This engine is the world standard for tank durability and survivability.

Air & Thermal Management Systems


Honeywell's range of electronic and electro-pneumatic systems for air and thermal management are proven to deliver highly reliable and efficient operation with lower total costs of ownership for operators.  

Life Support Systems

We are a leader in environmental control and life support systems with over 500 million aircraft flight hours logged since 1945 and 35,000 flight hours in space. Our proven air and thermal systems include Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Cabin Pressure Control Systems (CPCS) and On-Board Oxygen Generation Systems (OBOGS).

Micro Vapor Cycle System

Our Micro Vapor Cycle System (VCS) is the ideal cooling solution for military helicopters where reduced size and weight are priorities. The system uses advanced technology to generate cold air or liquid that can be used to cool heat-generating electronic components, batteries, and the cockpits and cabins of helicopters.

Auxiliary Power Units


Honeywell has a proven expertise in the design and development of Auxiliary Power Units, demonstrated by our large installed base of more than 36,000 in-service today, together with more than 95,000 produced for both military and commercial applications. In the military domain we have a wide range of capability to support both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.  The 36-150 series have proven on-wing reliability, superior efficiency and great power-to-weight ratio and are in-service on AH-64, UH-60 and CH-47 helicopters. The 85 series supports the C-130 cargo aircraft, the G250 supports the F22 and the G230 supports the F35 Joint Strike Fighter.  We have designed and tailored a very wide variety of military APU applications and our portfolio is proven in service.

Electric Power


60kVA Generator

The 60kVA generator provides UH-60 Blackhawk crews a one-third power boost in a compact unit, that is a drop-in replacement for the current 45kVA generator. This delivers improved mission effectiveness to power avionics, radars, safety systems, jamming equipment, radios and other electronic systems, all at the same time.

Electric & Hybrid Electric Propulsion


The future of flight is electric, and Honeywell is enabling that future with integrated propulsion systems that make aviation safe, quiet, efficient and clean. We’ve teamed with DENSO, the global leader in electrification technology for the automotive industry, to create a new generation of light, dependable aircraft motors. Our turbogenerators for hybrid aircraft boast the highest power density in the industry, and we’re a pioneer in hydrogen fuel cells for UAVs. Our Micro Vapor Cycle System is the lightest and most efficient cooling system of its kind.

Health and Usage Monitoring Systems


Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) for helicopters provide diagnostic information required for optimum performance. HUMS sensors and embedded diagnostic software monitor and communicate the health and maintenance needs of critical components, which increases aircraft availability and reduces maintenance costs.  And with RECON, we are taking condition-based maintenance to a whole new level. Utilising connectivity solutions on-board the helicopter, RECON sends critical aircraft health indicators in real-time. This means maintenance crews can measure the health and performance of their rotorcraft anytime, anywhere.

Navigation and Sensors


Honeywell is a trusted leader with decades of experience engineering and manufacturing high-performance navigation and sensor products for defense and space applications.

TALIN Inertial Land Navigator Family

TALIN inertial navigation systems deliver highly accurate, shock-stabilized position and pointing inertial navigation. Proven in theater of operations and used across a variety of different military applications in the air, on land and at sea with more than 16,000 systems in service around the world.  Easy to install, TALIN can be mounted in any orientation and is smaller, lighter and more reliable than other competing products.

Embedded GPS/INS

Our Embedded GPS/INS (EGIs) support the most challenging military navigation requirements.  Since the mid-1990s, we have produced and delivered more than 60,000 EGIs. Proven in service, our products have a strong performance record in the most challenging military environments. 

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Satellite Communications



Connectivity in the military environment has several unique challenges. JetWave from Honeywell enables users to connect to the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) network, which delivers KA-band satellite coverage across the Globe.  GX offers the most extensive global coverage for military airborne operators, for improved situational awareness including over water, over non-traditional flight paths and in remote areas, providing the front-line with a constant command and control link.  JetWave enables a wide variety of mission-critical applications, such as real-time weather, video conferencing, large file transfer, encryption capabilities, in-flight briefings, ISR video and secure communications.

Satcom for UAVs

Honeywell has developed the world’s smallest and lightest Inmarsat UAV satellite communication solution enabling real-time video streaming beyond visual line-of-sight communication with consistent global high-speed broadband coverage.

Weather Radar


Our weather radars help pilots navigate and survey the aircraft environment to ensure a safe and efficient route. With more than 70 years of expertise our technology delivers cutting-edge solutions you can rely on.

IntuVue RDR-4000M 3D Weather Radar System

Designed specifically for military operations, the RDR-4000M 3D weather radar system provides advanced features and functionality including, high-resolution ground mapping (HRGM), Doppler beam sharpened precision ground mapping (PGM) and sectored skin pain modes.  The RDR-4000M is available on the C-130, C-17, B-52 and C-27J platforms.

IntuVue RDR-7000 Weather Radar System

The RDR-7000 weather radar system provides helicopter pilots the clear and timely information they need to make safer, faster and more informed decisions before flying in bad weather and challenging environments.

IntuVue RDR-84K Band Radar System

Designed specifically with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in mind, the RDR-84K uses multiple beams “to see” more things at the same time than any commercially available radar.  In addition to detecting weather, the system can simultaneously scan and receive radar returns from aircraft, ground vehicles, buildings and even people.

Traffic and Terrain


From the first traffic system to the first terrain awareness warning system, Honeywell has been at the forefront of safety.  We have a long and proven heritage in helping to make flight safer and improve situational awareness. Through our wide variety of terrain, traffic and synthetic vision products we help to reduce pilot workload, especially during high tempo missions.

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