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Cathay Pacific Sees Favorable Results Using the Honeywell Forge Connected Maintenance for APU Program

Cathay Pacific Sees Favorable Results Using the Honeywell Forge Connected Maintenance for APU Program

“Cathay Pacific is all about on-time performance. It’s very essential for us and for our customer that we dispatch the aircraft on time.

Inoperative auxiliary power needs can affect Cathay Pacific in different ways. You may not be able to start the engine quickly. It is also an issue for cabin comfort. Putting the customer at the center of everything we do is essential for Cathay Pacific and the APU help us provide a cool environment to the cabin. It’s also affecting us from a cost point of view; managing the defect, rectify the defect is also a very costly exercise for us.

We used to use a more traditional approach, which is usually time consuming. In one of our strategy direction we are going in to is a digitally enabled company, which means using data intelligently.


"Cathay Pacific chose to work with Honeywell on this program because we have a long, long term relationship based on trust.”


And we have a long history of working together; you’ve been very open for feedback; the process has been improving over the years, so combining our fleet experience with your expertise managing APUs – it was the logical decision to work with Honeywell on this new predictive maintenance program.

The program has met our expectation; in 2017 it was about 30% reduction of delays and cancelations caused by APU inop; it’s also been nearly a 30% reduction in the time that it takes to address the issue once we have one. But I think the most essential aspect and way to look at it is we’ve gone from a reactive to preventative; so we’ve been able to eradicate defects before they even happen, and that’s been absolutely essential for us.

Cathay Pacific is currently considering expanding the scope of this program; we’re very excited to be the first one to implement the A330. And who knows, maybe in the future, even expand further than just the APU themselves.”

Philippe Christol Technical Services Manager – Power plants Cathay Pacific Airways Limited