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The Future of Aircraft Maintenance Has Arrived

The Future of Aircraft Maintenance Has Arrived

Connected aircraft technologies are changing nearly everything about aviation, including the way operators service and maintain complex onboard mechanical systems. We can thank the Industrial Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for connected maintenance capabilities that put powerful proactive tools at operators’ fingertips.

Analytics isn’t new in this industry. What is exciting is the evolution toward using big data to drive operational outcomes and return on investment. Airline operators are constantly looking for ways to enhance safety, improve performance, reduce maintenance costs and unplanned downtime, and provide a better passenger experience. The most advanced connected maintenance solutions do all that – and more.

Today’s onboard systems like auxiliary power units and environmental control systems already generate vast amounts of data. With connected maintenance, we’re able to capture and aggregate aircraft data, which we combine with data from other enterprise systems and external data such as weather to put together a comprehensive understanding on airline flight and maintenance operations.

Applying advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with deep domain expertise from Honeywell’s engineering and maintenance experts, we are able to generate accurate and actionable insights for operations and maintenance crews.

Imagine an APU that tells you when a line replaceable unit is getting ready to fail, an ECS that lets you know it needs unscheduled service, or aircraft brakes that send a message when it’s time for new disks. You don’t have to imagine, because those capabilities already exist with GoDirect Connected Maintenance from Honeywell Aerospace.

GoDirect Connected Maintenance goes well beyond the capabilities of current-generation solutions, which focus on system health monitoring and trend analysis. GoDirect Connected Maintenance not only predicts an imminent system issue, it also provides prescriptive information to help maintenance crews pinpoint the fault down to the subcomponent level, identifying the particular part that needs to be repaired or replaced along with the repair procedure to be followed.

As a result, technicians spend less time manually troubleshooting components and get to the right fix the first time. Our customers have experienced 99 percent prediction accuracy, a 10-15 percent reduction in premature removals, and less than 1 percent false removals. Most importantly, they’ve seen a 30-50 percent reduction in costly operational disruptions.

Cathay Pacific Airlines has established itself as a leader in implementing connected maintenance strategies. The airline recently worked with Honeywell to become the first carrier in the world to try a full “nose-to-tail” GoDirect Connected Maintenance solution, which encompasses several key systems that are primary drivers of delays and cancellations on their fleet of more than 150 aircraft. The amount of value we provide will be unprecedented.

Implementing an integrated solution as comprehensive and capable as GoDirect Connected Maintenance makes perfect sense for an airline like Cathay Pacific, which is focused on improving operational performance and creating a great customer experience.

Connected maintenance has advanced dramatically in recent years, but in many ways we’re only beginning to realize its full potential. At Honeywell, our Analytics Center of Excellence is exploring new innovations and making progress every day to expand our reach and provide more value for customers.

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