Honeywell is the recognized industry leader in accelerometers for aerospace inertial navigation, guidance and control.


Honeywell offers a variety of accelerometer products covering a wide range of performance requirements for applications in:

  • Navigation: offering the highest inertial navigation-grade performance sensors
  • Control: offering cost-effective inertial-grade sensors
  • Measurement: offering economical sensor for moderate performance
  • Energy: performs in demanding down-hold applications (MWD)

Our products include the following accelerometer families:

Honeywell's Q-FLEX® Accelerometers feature a patented Q-Flex etched-quartz-flexure seismic system. An amorphous quartz proof-mass structure provides excellent bias, scale factor and axis alignment stability. These accelerometers are used extensively in avionics, surface and marine navigation as well as numerous industrial applications. QFLEX products include the QA3000 (our higher performing accelerometer), QA2000, QA750, QA700 and QA650 products.

Honeywell offers a modified QFLEX accelerometer family designed and built to tolerate demanding measurement-while-drilling (MWD) and wireline environments (up to 200oC and high shock/vibration) while providing precision accuracy, stability and reliability. Years of downhole experience and an extensive test regime insure that our sensors exhibit superior reliability. Some features include Analog output, environmentally rugged, compact design, Build-in-test and field adjustable range. The QAT160, QAT185 and MiniQ200 are the core MWD sensors in our portfolio.

Honeywell's ACCELEREX® resonating beam accelerometer (RBA) measures acceleration as a function of the frequency difference between two sets of vibrating quartz beams. Output is thermally compensated and delta velocity is directly provided to the user's system. The RBA500 is primarily used to supplement GPS navigation systems and is a good choice where frequency output, high-g, small size, low power and light weight are necessary. Other features include integral 2 fastener mounting flange, hermetically sealed case, internal temperature sensor for thermal consumption and frequency output for direct interface to digital electronics.

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Honeywell offers both inertial (laser gyro-based) and non-inertial (high-precision electronic and electromechanical) sensors.