SmartPath® Ground-Based Augmentation System

Honeywell’s SmartPath® Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS) provides a cost-effective precision navigation solution to increase airport capacity, decrease air traffic noise and reduce weather-related delays.

Honeywell’s SmartPath® GBAS provides a cost-effective precision landing solution that enables increased airport capacity, decreased air traffic noise, reduced weather-related delays. It also reduces operating costs for both an aircraft operator and an Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP).

By providing aircraft operators with very precise, high integrity digital navigation data, Honeywell’s SmartPath® GBAS provides unparalleled flexibility to terminal operations that enables ANSPs to efficiently manage airspace in ways that were not possible with legacy Instrument Landing Systems (ILS).

Honeywell’s Smartpath® GBAS is the world’s only certified satellite-based navigation and precision landing system. It is the only GBAS to have received System Design Approval from the FAA in the US, BAF in Germany, AENA in Spain, and CASA in Australia. The current SLS-4000 is certified to CAT I Precision Landing, with growth planned to reach CAT III by 2018. The SLS-4000 CAT I system available today has been designed to enable a direct upgrade path to CAT III.

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Key Benefits:

Why Honeywell SmartPath® GBAS

Proven technical and logistical solutions for GBAS

  • Highly-experienced in the development, installation, and certification of differential GPS Landing Systems
    • First and only GBAS manufacture to certify CAT I operations by the FAA in US, BAF in Germany, AENA in Spain, and CASA in Australia 
    • Field support (spares and logistics) through worldwide Customer Service & Support organization 
    • First to certify a DO-217 compliant differential GPS landing system (SCAT-1) 
  • Offering turnkey products and services for precision landing implementation 
    • Airport assessment; site assessment; installation; flight inspection and facility approval 
    • Training (operations and maintenance) 
    • Total lifecycle logistics support

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System Features: 

  • Fail Operational Utilizing an avionics-like architecture 
  • Four state-of-the-art multi-path limiting GPS antennas for improved performance and installation site flexibility 
  • GPS reference receiver with software developed to DO-278, Level 2 standards and Complex hardware developed to DO-254 Level A standards 
  • Differential Correction Processor software developed to DO-278 Level 2 standards and Complex hardware developed to DO-254 Level A standards 
  • Time and Space Partition Real Time Operating System software developed to DO-178B Level A standards 
  • Dual-Dual processor system architecture, similar to a CAT III capable autopilot 
  • Dual redundant VHF data radio, both transmitter and receiver assuring broadcast integrity 
  • Horizontally polarized VHF antenna 
  • Only FAA-approved Integrity Monitoring algorithms protecting the Signal-in-Space

Operational Benefits:
Honeywell’s SmartPath® GBAS Precision Landing System provides differential GPS corrections and integrity for all satellites in view and approach path information covering all runway ends

  • Flexible final approach geometries enable safe mitigation of wake vortices, noise avoidance, terrain avoidance, and variable touchdown zones
  • Digital data (vs. analog) eliminates the need for ILS critical zones, increasing the flexibility of ground movements during instrument weather conditions 
  • SmartPath’s precision approaches are not affected by interferences to which the legacy ILS is susceptible  
  • Eliminates the need for annual maintenance, saving an estimated $400K or more annually on navigation aid maintenance costs  
  • A single GBAS station broadcasts up to 48 unique precision approaches, covering all runways at an airport with multiple precision approach paths if needed
  • CAT I available today, with CAT III in development, enabling schedule reliability of all-weather precision approach availability to all runway ends 
  • With the introduction of the Integrated Multimode Receiver (IMMR) on next generation Airbus and Boeing platforms Honeywell is the only provider able to offer a seamless airborne and ground based solution

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