LED Aircraft Lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting technology for exterior aircraft applications offers improved reliability, longer life, and lower lifecycle costs.


LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting technology for exterior aircraft applications offers improved reliability and longer life as well simple installation, keeping aircraft flying with less maintenance, resulting in fewer delays in flight operations and lower operating costs.

Key Benefits:

The aerospace lighting industry began in the 1930’s when Grimes Manufacturing (now part of Honeywell) began producing aircraft navigation lights. We currently offer a complete suite of exterior lighting products for aircraft, based upon halogen and xenon technology; however, Honeywell has been developing LED solutions for more than a decade. This solid state (semiconductor-based) light source technology offers numerous benefits to aircraft operators compared to other lighting technologies.

LEDs provide energy efficiency via lower power consumption, longer “lamp” lifetimes,   fast on/off time for flashing applications, and shock resistance in harsh vibration environments. The longer life of the LED plus the ability to incorporate different types of health monitoring features helps airlines manage & schedule maintenance events to keep the aircraft flying.  Honeywell's LED products  can help airlines reduce total cost of ownership by up to 70 percent over legacy technology by  reducing maintenance costs.

Honeywell’s solid state lighting technology is in service on many different ATR platforms including;  Boeing’s 737, 747, 757, 767, and 787 fleets as well as the Airbus A320 family.  Military platforms with Honeywell’s LED products include F15, 767GTTA, A330MRTT, MH60, and CH47. 

Boeing’s new KC46 Refueling Tanker will utilize Honeywell's fourth generation of exterior LED lighting products which are based on matured LED technology and incorporate health monitoring & avionics databus interfaces.  The products are currently moving from development to qualification testing and soon towards production.

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