Sky Connect Tracker III

Honeywell’s Sky Connect Tracker Satellite Communications System recently reached a milestone, handling over five million tracking, text, and telemetry messages in a single month.  This milestone was reached in the course of maintaining connectivity for thousands of aircraft operating worldwide and represents roughly two messages per second sent to communicate location, aircraft or patient status, search and rescue, fire fighting progress and many other user functions.  

This milestone follows a long line of industry firsts for Sky Connect:

June 2003 – Introduction of the dual-redundant, encrypted Sky Connect Tracker Agent infrastructure, which has offered reliable, secure, and interruption-free performance for more than a decade.

January 2004 – Introduction of “True Miles” high resolution tracking data, enabling more detailed flight path information for analysis and billing of services.

February 2006 – Introduction of the Mission Management Unit (MMU), simplifying telephony and allowing airborne texting capabilities in the cockpit for the first time ever. 

May 2010 – Introduction of Automatic Direction Finder functionality (ADF), enabling Sky Connect equipped assets to rendezvous with each other based on vehicle tracking telemetry.

June 2010 – Introduction of “Fleet View,” a tool designed for real-time position monitoring and data sharing between Sky Connect equipped vehicles operating on tactical missions.  This capability enables the potential for visibility similar to the airborne warning and control system between similarly equipped vehicles.

March 2012 – Introduction of Sky Connect Tracker III, a cost-effective way to increase operational efficiency, simplify in-flight mission management, enhance crew safety and aid flight operation quality assurance compliance. Sky Connect Tracker III is the source of many industry firsts, including:

  • A converter-free interface to ARINC429-capable Flight Management Systems. 

  • Simultaneous tracking and texting capabilities, even during lengthy voice calls.

  • An innovative alerting system that allows Sky Connect transceivers to send a final position/status report after power is removed from the aircraft.

  • Onboard recording and alerting capability to capture vehicle telemetry as well as any available data on one of two ARINC429 interfaces.

  • Interface with Honeywell’s Health Usage and Monitoring System “HUMS”, enabling improved safety through real-time alerting of potential maintenance problems.

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