The AH-1000 AHRS has been designed to provide unparalleled reliability and performance with significantly reduced size and weight compared to similar systems. This allows the AH-1000 to provide the lowest total cost of ownership experience for an ARINC-705 AHRS.

Some of the benefits of the AH-1000 include:

  • ARINC-705 AHRS capability in a smaller and lighter form factor, significantly less than comparable systems, reduces operational costs 

  • Extraordinarily reliable with estimated >30,000 hour Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 

  • Most accurate attitude and heading MEMS AHRS available on the market today including TSO C5f for directional gyro mode 

  • Full digital interface using proven Honeywell Aerospace MEMS technology 

  • Interfaces with Honeywell’s KMG7010 3-axis solid state magnetometer 

  • Aircraft Personality Module (APM) stores aircraft-specific information, installation options, and calibration data 

For more information and to download the AH-1000 brochure, click here.