Honeywell Primus Apex® Build 8 Update

Other system improvements added in Build 8.3:


MFD Display Changes

  • Graphical display of holding pattern entries
  • When selected, airspace name and altitude limits are displayed on INAV map
  • Visual reporting points added to INAV map display
  • The Divert-To button is now active on Nearest Airports page
  • Display of RVSM Option (Enabled or not)
  • If only one checklist is installed it is automatically loaded
  • TCAS box is now dynamically sized
  • Change to CAS message window when no messages are displayed
  • Heading indicator on INAV map now displayed in white
  • Range function on CCD will always be active


Changes to XM Display

  • Winds aloft now displays traditional wind barbs
  • XM weather now displays time monitor
  • Access to METAR/TAF information is now selectable from the waypoint list
  • TFRs shown in darker lavender color and displayed down to 5nm


FMS Changes

  • Automatic FMS position update on power-up
  • Fuel reset linked to FMS
  • Increased selectable approach angle to 8º
  • Altitude constraint automatically added to destination airport
  • New dual FMS sync messages


Charts Improvements

  • Automatic display of airport chart after landing
  • Aircraft position shown on charts in PDC and BATT modes


PFD Changes

  • Integrated primary flight display (new blue over brown representation)
  • Expanded pitch scale
  • Flight path symbol and flight path director
  • Dynamic speed bug on the airspeed tape (also referenced as approach cue)
  • Change to steep approach selection and annunciation
  • Change to selected altitude metric resolution (from 30 meters to 50 meters)