Looking Ahead with GoDirect Flight

GoDirect™ Flight  is the perfect partner for your flight department. We act as an extension of your flight ops team, providing the exact set of services you need to enhance safety, improve efficiency, manage costs, and take some of the pressure off your in-house staff.

You’re in charge with GoDirect™ Flight . You choose the services that make the most sense for your mission, operations, and staffing level. Your flight operations team is augmented by Honeywell’s renowned team of flight services specialists, with the experience and training to help you achieve your goals.

GoDirect™ Flight is powered by the Honeywell Global Data Center, which has been supporting our customers with the best-available flight services for more than three decades. As the business aviation world has changed and become more complex, our GoDirect™ Flight offering has continuously evolved. We’ve added services and embraced new technologies and methods to keep up with our customers’ changing expectations.

From VHF and satellite datalink to our premium GoDirect™ Flight Sentinel route planning and flight following, we’ve got the right mix of value-adding services to improve your operations. Our dedicated team of specialists can help you choose the services that best align with your mission. No one offers a wider range of personalized services than Honeywell GoDirect™.

GoDirect Datalink Communications – Our two-way Aircraft Communications and Reporting System (ACARS) data communications capabilities keep you in touch, no matter where you fly and no matter which VHF or satellite networks you use.

Datalink Graphical Weather – Access to the right weather information at the right time is essential to flight safety, route efficiency and passenger comfort. When threatening weather is a factor, Graphical Weather can display critical real-time data in the cockpit to give flight crews the information they need to avoid storm cells.

GoDirect™ Flight  Planning – We take the burden of flight planning off your team’s shoulders. We use aircraft-specific performance data to create a flight plan between any two points on the planet, placing a priority on time or fuel consumption. You can use our iPad app or web-based system or call a flight planning specialist to develop the best available route.

GoDirect™ Flight  Tracking – We can provide you with up-to-date information to provide an extra level of situational awareness. GoDirect™ Flight Tracking gives you the ability to display the progress of your flight in real time on a digital map display.

GoDirect™ Flight  Following – With GoDirect™ Flight Following, we keep an eye on the progress of your flight, providing an additional set of eyes to keep you aware of potential weather problems and traffic delays.

GoDirect™ Flight  Sentinel – The exclusive GoDirect™ Flight Sentinel service takes flight planning to the next level. It starts by making flight planning easy. Then we use the latest route-management techniques to keep you on the right route and avoid bad weather and traffic delays. From wheels-up to wheels-down, GoDirect™ Flight Sentinel proactively monitors aircraft position and flight progress and keeps you informed.

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