Honeywell JetWave Makes Inflight Wi-Fi Real

Over the past week, Inmarsat has declared that the Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band services for airlines, business aviation and government and military operators is now live.

The groundbreaking GX Aviation service for commercial airlines, the Jet ConneX service for business aircraft, and the Global Xpress service for military and government aircraft have something important in common. All rely on Honeywell’s JetWave hardware to connect to the Inmarsat GX network.

“This is a momentous time for Honeywell because it marks a major milestone in our quest to bring all the advantages of high-speed, reliable inflight connectivity to operators and users,” said Carl Esposito, Honeywell vice president, Marketing and Product Management. “From satellites, to hardware and services, to mobile apps – we’re proud that Honeywell is changing the way people communicate at 40,000 feet.”

The GX Aviation and Jet ConneX services transform the connected aircraft experience by offering on-board connectivity service that is reliable, high-speed and on par with broadband available on the ground. It enables video streaming, live television streaming, file downloads and more, with seamless global coverage that ensures a consistent service on flight routes worldwide.

In the military environment, “Satcom as a Service” inflight broadband service provides a consistent and high-speed connectivity experience for military users around the world, improving overall situational awareness and safety, while allowing soldiers to communicate more effectively in battle.

Operators will connect to the network using advanced Honeywell JetWave terminals, with hundreds of aircraft already committed to the system and more to come. The exclusive terminals are designed for ease of installation and maintenance to assure the lowest downtime for any cabin connectivity solution in the market, allowing installation with minimal labor and using standard tools available in maintenance hangars.

Lufthansa will begin commercial passenger services with GX for Aviation next month. Other customers of the game-changing solution include Singapore Airlines and Air Astana. 

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