Iberia Pilots Give Honeywell Weather App High Marks

Technical pilots from Spain’s flagship airline give a big thumbs-up to Honeywell’s landmark Weather Information Service application. Iberia airlines pilots are playing a critical role in the Weather Information Service development program by using the app while flying their daily routes and providing Honeywell developers with critical feedback. Iberia pilots have been using the application for about six months.

“Honeywell invited us to try out early prototypes of the Weather Information Service application and provide input on product features and human factors aspects,” said Captain Jesus Elices Kiercheben, Iberia Flight Operations. “We have been very impressed with the app and its ability to show us real-time and forecast weather all along the flight path. The application is very intuitive, easy to use and loads quickly using cabin Wi-Fi, which is a real plus for us.”

According to Captain Kiercheben the app is particularly useful on routes between Spain and South America, which traverse the Intertropical Convergence Zone, a region known for severe thunderstorms. The Weather Information Service helps pilots access the freshest weather information to help them avoid severe weather along their projected route.

A new Weather Information Service feature that is being evaluated will be particularly useful to airlines operating in regions of the world without ready access to ground radar. This feature provides global “nowcasts” of thunderstorm activity, showing currently observed and short-term forecasts of thunderstorm activity generated from high resolution satellite imagery. Iberia pilots have agreed to help Honeywell test the new feature.

“We appreciate the valuable feedback we’ve received from Iberia on the Weather Information Service application,” said Jason Wissink, Honeywell Services Sales Director. “Their input has been instrumental in helping us ensure that the application has the right features and creates a great user experience for our customers.”

Weather Information Service is available for iOS and Windows tablets as well as desktop PCs. The app provides flight crews, dispatchers and airline meteorologists with currently observed and forecasted weather. The application runs on iPad and Windows desktops.

Weather Information Service is part of the Honeywell GoDirect portfolio of subscription services. With GoDirect, Honeywell provides operators, maintenance crews and pilots with a one-stop shop for the services they need to improve their operations, enhance safety and reduce costs.

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