Global Data Center Partners with Flight Departments

Flight departments have a reliable partner in Honeywell’s Global Data Center (GDC). Through the GDC, we provide pilots and dispatchers with a wide range of useful tools and resources that make their jobs easier and let them focus on more important tasks. 

For example, we offer global flight planning services that reduce workload for pilots and dispatchers and ensure the best possible experience. We use specific aircraft performance data, the latest weather information and sophisticated routing software to calculate the best available routes – whether your priority is saving time or fuel. 

Our Weather Information Service gives flight crews the most up-to-date weather information available for planned routes. The latest weather data is displayed on an intuitive map that helps crews make well-informed decisions that can improve safety, reduce delays and save fuel. Weather Information Service uses an electronic flight bag datalink application and real-time weather and trend information to provide current weather, historical weather patterns and forecast weather. 

The industry-leading Flight Sentinel service saves time and money by making flight planning easy and reducing flight delays for business aircraft operators. Honeywell flight control specialists use the latest route-management techniques to put you on the right route to avoid traffic congestion and weather delays. The team monitors aircraft position and progress of your flight while looking ahead for weather hazards, traffic congestion, ground delays or any other conditions. We keep you informed with proactive communications sent to your mobile device or aircraft datalink. 

The Global Data Center made its mark providing VHF and satellite datalink communications. Our two-way data communications systems provide connections to communications networks worldwide and Honeywell team members can relay messages anywhere in our connected world. 

Our recent acquisition of  Satcom1 positions Honeywell to offer seamless connectivity solutions spanning airtime, equipment, flight support and applications. The Satcom1 service provides in-flight streaming, satellite communications services and software for private business aircraft, and government and head of state aircraft and helicopters. Satcom1’s high-speed solutions provide real-time, reliable Internet and Wi-Fi cockpit communications that help pilots fly more safely and efficiently, and keep passengers connected in the air. Satcom1 also provides consulting services and develops specialized software and networks designed for mission-specific communication needs, such as in combat situations.

With a quarter century of experience behind it, Honeywell’s Global Data Center is focused squarely on the future. The center continues to bring in new technology, cutting-edge services and support capabilities to meet the evolving needs of flight crews and dispatchers everywhere. 

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