Global Customer Committee Meetings Rock the RAILS

The recent Global Customer Committee (GCC) face-to-face meeting in Phoenix, April 28-30, resulted in positive action on the rolling action item list (RAIL) while stimulating open discussion on customer concerns as diverse as data analysis for no fault found (NFF) units, counter-to-counter service for aircraft on ground (AOG) situations, end-of-life notifications for technical publications and spares exchange and rental communication (SPEX) issues.

The GCC is an independent group of nearly 80 business aviation professionals worldwide that works jointly with Honeywell to bring about improvements in aircraft, equipment, operations and services.

Working teams in four areas ― mechanical, electrical, operational and general issues ― collaborate directly with Honeywell on the highest priority items from a "Top 25" action list.

With 28 customers in attendance and 9 guests, the Americas team was able to close 3 of the "Top25" RAILs, 16 "queue RAILs" and 1 follow-up RAIL.

The team got overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Pilatus® Operators and Pilots Association (POPA) on improving the perception of Honeywell in the PC-12 and 12NG pilot community.

The "New Technologies" session was a hit with pilots who were given access to the Deer Valley operation's advanced flight deck development lab to offer their input on developing technologies such as touch screens, speech commands and multi-modal configurations. Additionally, a new process for breakout sessions optimized opportunities for voice of the customer (VOC) feedback on service bulletins and next-generation satcom.

Meanwhile, the Europe, Middle East, Africa, India (EMEAI) team meeting in Istanbul, April 21-22, welcomed its first PC-12 pilot attendee, Ed Gordon based in South Africa, beginning a growing pilot participation trend in region to increase diversity and skill set representation.

The group's regional focus continues to look at regulatory compliance for both European Airworthiness Safety Agency (EASA) and Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) specific functions.

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) team meeting in Hong Kong May 13-14, was supported by Honeywell Technical Flight Operations to complement the region's pilot membership. Though a smaller group, productive dialogue with members focused on shifting trends in the region including import/export practices, logistics challenges and best practices, thus increasing global dynamic knowledge from the APAC representatives.

"Although closing RAILs is important, the great advantage of these meetings is the opportunity to get all the right experts in the room and let customers tell us what they need for safer, more economical operation," said Israel San Pedro, Senior Manager, Customer Support.

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