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With thousands of its products on aircraft around the world, and more than 100 years of experience providing satellite communications, mechanics, engines, cockpit technology and more to the aerospace industry, Honeywell is well-positioned to lead the aerospace industry’s Connected Aircraft evolution.

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The Connected Aircraft

What People on the Street Think of Inflight Wi-Fi

The Connected Aircraft

Enabling Connected Technologies

Honeywell is changing the way people communicate on and with an aircraft today and in the future — making the business of flying safer, more productive, and more entertaining.

With the dawn of the Connected Aircraft, Honeywell continues to deliver safer, more efficient, more productive and ultimately more enjoyable travel experiences. From hardware to apps to services, Honeywell provides solutions to optimize bandwidth and reduce data and operating costs while creating the best possible experience for passengers, pilots, maintainers and operators.

What if your flight did not have inflight Wi-Fi?

6 in 10 travelers say they would be disappointed or frustrated on a plane without Wi-Fi

2016 Connectivity Survey

People expect connectivity on the ground and in the air

84% say it's important to have an experience identical to what they have at home or at the office

2016 Connectivity Survey

What kind of experience are you looking for?

90% say it's essential to experience a reliable, fast connection throughout their flight, anywhere in the world

2016 Connectivity Survey

Wi-Fi That Flies for Any Airline

A consistent, global wi-fi experience

For airlines, it's simple: provide a fast internet connection onboard or risk losing faithful customers. According to a recent survey, 45 percent of customers said they would not remain loyal to their preferred airlines if they knew it didn't provide the best Wi-Fi. More than 21 percent of customers say they've made the switch already.

Honeywell's JetWave™ hardware, which connects aircraft to Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service, enables a fast and reliable in-flight internet solution strong enough to power your preferred entertainment solution with speeds up to 50mbps. Now your customers can stream their favorite television shows and your pilots can re-watch their favorite cat videos at 30,000 feet. (Kidding, of course!)
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JetWave World Tour

What's new with WiFiThatFlies


More Passengers Demanding High-Speed Wi-Fi When They Fly

Honeywell and Inmarsat are working together to bring the fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi to airline passengers the world over.
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Connected Aircraft

Millions in Asia-Pacific Region Follow Along With a Connected Aircraft Party at 25,000 Feet

Along with a group of media and aviation influencers, I just had experienced a memorable flight from China to Korea. And through Honeywell Connected Aircraft technologies, an audience of millions “flew” with us and shared our excitement.
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Honeywell Connected

Power of Connected World Tour delivers big wins in both sales, media coverage

It’s one thing to talk about the “Power of Connected,” but it’s an entirely different thing to demonstrate it live at 30,000 feet to curious prospects and skeptical reporters.
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Honeywell Connected

Siri and Magikarp Test Honeywell’s Connected Aircraft

It started as "ordinary" flight tests at BRQ International Airport in Brno. But this time WAS different! We got to test our Connected Aircraft equipped with Inmarsat’s GX Aviation, which just happens to be powered by Honeywell’s JetWave.
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Honeywell Powers First Connected Helicopter Flight Around the World

Father-son team will fly from Canada in a Bell 429 helicopter using Honeywell’s Aspire® 200 satellite communications system for a safe and on-schedule journey
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Honeywell Aspire 200 System Certified for AS350

Broadband connectivity is now available for AS350 helicopter operators with Honeywell’s Aspire 200 satellite communications system. Honeywell received FAA supplemental type certification (STC SR02544SE) in July.
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Five Things You Can Only Do with Honeywell’s JetWave

Honeywell’s JetWave™ satellite communications technology is the key to unlocking a brave new world of fast and reliable inflight Wi-Fi capability while you’re flying at 50,000 feet.
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The History and Evolution of Wi-Fi

In 1970, I took my very first airline flight, on Pan Am. It was from New York’s JFK Airport to London Heathrow on a Boeing 747. I was excited about this trip for many reasons, one of them being that I’d be able to watch an actual movie on the flight.
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Webinar: Aspire 200

Webinar: Aspire 200 Satellite Communications System

Tim Roberts, senior technical sales manager for Honeywell Aerospace, conducted a one-hour informational sessions on the Aspire 200 helicopter satellite communications system and the system benefits to operators.
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Honeywell's Connected Aircraft World Tour Makes its Debut in Asia Pacific

Honeywell’s Boeing 757 test airplane showing legions of APAC fans, customers and the media how connectivity and in-flight Wi-Fi is changing the way we fly
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Latest Global High-Speed Wi-Fi Equipment on Your Aircraft as Fast as 4 Days

Lufthansa, Honeywell and Inmarsat are revolutionizing the global airline industry with the adoption of the first truly global high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi solution.
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Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi is the Only Way to Fly!

Whether you’re flying in coach or in the cabin of a modern, efficient business jet, you can experience the same reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi you get at home, in the office or at your neighborhood coffee shop. Thanks to Honeywell.
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Still Connected

Wi-Fi That Flies for Any Business

The same Wi-Fi Speed Above as Below

Imagine flying across countries, between continents, or over oceans and remaining connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Well - spoiler alert - now you can. With JetWave, which connects aircraft to Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX service, you're always connected to a fast and consistent broadband service. 

Passengers will have the freedom to stay connected and use their mobile devices like they do on the ground and keep in touch with family and friends, work in the cloud, stream video and music, and keep work moving while traveling.

Stay Connected in Business Aviation


Reliable Wi-Fi for Helicopters

The unique environment of a helicopter – with the vibrations and rotor blades -- has previously made high-speed satellite systems nearly impossible. But regardless of the challenges, operators need to be connected. Honeywell’s Aspire 200 satellite communications system fills this gap, bringing new capabilities and functionalities to operators.

Aspire 200 and the high data rate (HDR) software package mitigates the impact of the rotor wash on the satellite communications signal, bringing faster speeds and higher bandwidths than competing systems. Now, regardless of the mission – VVIP transport, oil and gas, emergency medical, or others – pilots, passengers, and ground crews are constantly connected, no matter where they operate.

Wi-Fi That Flies for All Ages

Global coverage at any altitude

Pilots and passengers will appreciate the affordable, global in-flight connectivity provided by AeroWave™ from BendixKing.

Crews will now have in-flight access to global weather services, voice, text, email and their favorite connected aviation apps. Plus passengers will enjoy the ability to send and receive emails, text messages, browse simple web pages, make and receive phone calls and more.

AeroWave’s low-cost connectivity service plan is based on prepaid hours of use – not the amount of data used - so there are no billing surprises. Airtime is only $40 USD per hour and, unlike other services it, works at any altitude all over the world. It’s that simple.

Don’t leave your favorite apps on the ground anymore. Find out how to get globally connected today.

BendixKing AeroWave

Mission-Ready Communications

Reliable communications is vital to mission success for military operators. A high-bandwidth communications channel to and from the aircraft enhances safety and provides essential situational awareness for the warfighter. Honeywell’s JetWave system provides that mission-critical link.

JetWave is built with mobility in mind to keep personnel connected in the theater throughout all stages of flight. Regardless of the airframe or its mission, JetWave provides reliable, consistent, high-speed and high-bandwidth connectivity to warfighters when and where they need it.

JetWave unlocks a wide variety of applications, including real-time weather, video conferencing, large file transfer, encryption capabilities, in-flight briefings, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) video transmission and secure communications. And the system is scalable and configurable for a wide variety of military platforms, with antenna options available for large and small airframes.

Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force

Why JetWave and AeroWave?


Honeywell is committed to providing passengers with a fast and stable in-flight connectivity solution for every customer, in every market, around the world.

With JetWave and AeroWave, you have a global connection at all times. Stream content, post to social media, check emails or make phone calls - the choice is yours.


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