Situational Awareness and Guidance

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Honeywell’s cost-effective suite of Retrofits, Modifications and Upgrades (RMUs) can make your current fleet more valuable, more efficient and more productive, while delivering undeniable flight safety with a lower total cost of ownership.

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Increasing Safety and Efficiency in Today's Congested Airspace

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The 2020 Mandate requirement for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B Out) is firm, and non-compliance with the mandate will ground your fleet in 2020.­­ Honeywell has a broad range of products and solutions with ADS-B Out capabilities including our DO-260B compliant transponder, GPS position source, and aircraft updates.

Our teams globally are fully equipped to retrofit ADS-B and make your airline safer, more cost efficient and mandate compliant.

As the 2020 deadline approaches, you will face lengthy delays and component shortages if you delay your decision to retrofit any further.

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Total Runway Positional Awareness

The Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) reduces the risk of controlled flight into terrain by providing flight crews with timely, accurate information about terrain and obstacles in the area. The system uses various aircraft inputs and an internal database to predict and warn flight crews of potential conflicts with obstacles or terrain. 

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has identified Runway Excursions as a primary area of concern and operational risk for airlines. Honeywell’s SmartRunway and SmartLanding, the software option for the EGPWS, are designed to increase flight crew positional awareness during taxi, take-off and landing. These next generation solutions are customizable to best suit individual operating environments, including volume control and optional inhibit switches.

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Precise Navigation and Lowered Costs


Honeywell’s Integrated Multi-Mode Receiver (IMMR) is currently the only comprehensive and fully-digital navigation receiver to support the airline industry. 

The IMMR’s comprehensive system eliminates the need for standalone receivers, thereby cutting costs through reduced procurement and sparing, and enabling more efficient navigation capabilities. This further helps reduce aircraft weight and overall cost of ownership. 
IMMR improves growth capability for current and next generation navigation standards such as GPS landing system (GLS) CAT-III and multiple satellite navigation systems.

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Real-Time, Reliable Communications

Honeywell is the leader in the Protected Mode - Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (PM-CPDLC) solution. For retrofit aircraft, Honeywell provides a complete and integrated avionics solution to support the rollout of FANS 1/A+, including FANS messaging, data link and SATCOM, certified for safety services and cockpit voice recorders. 

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Honeywell’s MKII+ Communication Management Unit (CMU) is designed for today’s “best in class” PM-CPDLC requirements and also for the future Air Traffic Management (ATM) developments. It provides the most comprehensive and flexible AOC functionality, supports the data link recording mandate, and it is certified for FANS 1/A+ data routing and operation.

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More Accurate Weather Detection at Longer Ranges

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Honeywell’s advanced radar system IntuVue® RDR-4000 is the first radar to offer predictive hail, lightning and windshear detection and alerting for aircraft with smaller antennas and it reduces hazardous weather false alarms by 15%* which leads to more effective rerouting decisions. 

Using only 3 Modular Concept Units (MCUs), Honeywell’s highly compact radar system provides up to a 30% weight reduction* yielding $10,000 per year per aircraft in savings*.

IntuVue reduces maintenance costs by eliminating waveguide runs and switches. Additionally, advanced radar processor and antenna drive components increases system reliability, which can directly decrease operating expenses by at least 30%*.

*All estimates on performance, operational benefits and cost savings provided above are based on Honeywell data.

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