Honeywell Spherical Motor

A Revolution In Unique Motor Technology

Honeywell has introduced the world’s first commercially-available multi-axis electric motor – the Spherical Motor.

This ground-breaking technology is a tightly integrated motion control device that moves about Two Axes Independently or Simultaneously.

Yesterday, if manufacturers wanted a part to move in one direction, they used one motor. Another direction? Another motor.

Now one motor does the work of two - Faster, Lighter, More Efficient, Natural Motion

Wide range of industries and applications, including:

Drones, Robotics



Robotic Arm
Satellite in space
Surveillance Camera

Providing benefits that include:

Flight Control Robotics Vision/Sensor Pointing
Faster Smaller Smaller
Higher performance Reduced part count  Lighter 
Higher efficiency Lower system cost Reduced drag
Less power usage Natural motion Faster slew rate
More missions  Greater scalability Fewer recharges
For manufacturers who want their equipment to move with the grace of a ballerina

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